Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Second Floor Challenge


Disclaimer: I never start with white cardstock. Not ever.
I used to use it ALL the time when I scrapbooked.
It never occurs to me to use it in art journaling.
I'm not sure why.

 So I began with white cardstock and spread gesso over a stencil.
I loved the example Julie used for the challenge.
The white on white was fabulous.
But I am a color person and I had to spray some color on.
This is still a big challenge for me because I NEVER start this way.
I never start to design the components of the spread seperate from the page.
I looked at it awhile and didn't really know where to go...
Because I NEVER start this way!
What the heck, I got a circle punch out and cut the whole page up.
 I hated to throw away the scraps so I cut little triangles.
I auditioned the circles here and there with different color backgrounds.
It needed something really pale
because I wanted to highlight the circles even more. 


What I learned from this:
First- I actually do better with deadlines.
Granted this Second Floor Challenge was a self imposed deadline.
But I have had so many quilts to quilt for deadlines
that I had to juggle my day back and forth from quilt to journal.
But it worked and probably helped the quilt fatigue.
Second- This spread is not nearly as color intensive
as my usual work... but I like it.
It was a super duper hard challenge
NOT to use my normal color pallette (brights).
And I wouldn't have naturally tried it on my own.
But I am going to keep working on it.
Third- This is a message to myself....Start Today.
Be Brave and Challenge yourself today!


  1. This is gorgeous!!! I love the colors, texture and idea!

  2. Oh, I love, love this!! Well done on the challenge.

  3. Fabulous! Love the soft colors and circles! I rarely use white so this would be a tough challenge for me!