Monday, June 16, 2014

Craft Hoarders and StencilGirl Challenge

We were challenged by Craft Hoarders
to dig into our stash of supplies and get messy.
Seriously, we weren't given a product or a distinct prompt...
just bring out our inner divas and get messy!
Okay. I can do that!
I am a craft supply hoarder.
I feel the need to try out everything I possibly can.
That's how you learn, isn't it?
I have so many partial bottles of Glimmer Mist and Maya Mist 
and Mister Huey's Mist and Dylusions Ink Spray...
and even some home brewed mists!

Where to begin? Outside, of course, since I was going to make a big mess.
I gathered my supplies out in the grass with cardboard for a drop cloth,
a giant sheet of paper for inky run offs 
and more than two dozen 12 x 12 super heavy cardstock sheets..
as well as some book pages and random pieces of paper.
It's all from my stash and you never know what you might need next week!
I also grabbed a thick pile of stencils and 3 colors of regular Krylon Spray Paint. 

Then I started layering. Randomly at first.
Spray this, put it to the side. Spray that, put it to the side.
Try this, try that.
Go back to that one. Use a different spray.
Oh My. Layers and Layers of Fun!
It turned out to be a wee bit breezy.
I gathered rocks and bottles to weigh the papers and the stencils down
so they wouldn't blow away.
The ladder construction in the front walkway was useful for drying.

A little of this... A little of that.....
Spray some water on for drippage.

I was outside for over three hours making this mess.
It was BLISS! It really took me to a happy place!

Unfortunately, I only used up 4 bottles of old spray.

When one side was dry, I turned it over and did the other side!

Phew. I will be honest. That was exhausting!
I brought it all inside and cleaned up...then walked away.
Looking at it the next day was like....WOW!
I immediately knew that the big inky sheet was getting turned into a journal.

At this point I kind of wished I had turned it over and done both sides.....

 The huge sheet of paper was cut into 9" x 13" pieces. 

They were folded over into pages for 'signatures'.

I am no expert at journal making...
but in thinking about how this was going together,
I then folded them opposite with the white pages on the outside.
Some were getting glued together and I didn't want to hide the pretty side.
I kind of made a Five Hole Pamphlet Stitch to put it together.
Though I changed it up for myself by taping the pages on the ends of 
each signature together. 
I said I was no expert and this is what works for me.
I know I should really take a bookbinding class!

Okay, book signatures are together.... Now what?
I took one of the 12 x 12's of heavy cardstock I was 
playing with outside for my journal cover...

I cut the covers to size plus a quarter inch or so.

Glued and taped with a duct tape spine.
But NO... I am not done done yet!
A thin coat of gesso so you can see all the stencil layers....
More stencils...some smearing of markers and paints...
some stenciled words....a logo on the back corner...
some washi tape....a title with stencils and stamps....

There we go! Now I am done!

Thanks for visiting with me today!

Visit the StencilGirl Talk blog as well as the 
all week long to see both design team's works.
I used a whole pile of stencils and I will try to list them all! Thanks!
Thanks A Lotus Stencil (Andrea Matus DeMeng)
1700's Building Stencil (Carolyn Dube)
Buildings Stencil (Carolyn Dube)
Open Buildings Stencil (Carolyn Dube)
Uplifting Words Stencil (Carolyn Dube)
Dots and Dashes Stencil (Jessica Sporn)
Curvy Ladder Stencil (Julie Snidle)
Wheel in the Sky Stencil (Kae Pea)
GiGi Stencil (Lizzie Mayne)
LiLa Stencil (Lizzie Mayne)
Loopy Doily (Maria McGuire)
Stitch A Doily (Maria McGuire)
Seeds Stencil (Maria McGuire)
Circle On Circle Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
Greek Key Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
River Rocks Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
Trees Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
Mini Tower Stairs Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
Web Stencil (Mary Beth Shaw)
Compass Stencil (Mary Nasser)
Map 6 Stencil (Mary Nasser)
Damask Medium Stencil (Michelle Ward)
Fade Horizontal Stencil (Michelle Ward)
Circuit Stencil (Natalie Kalbach)
What's The Point? Stencil (Natalie Kalbach)
Crackle Stencil (Natalie Kalbach)
Cruiser Side Stencil (Pippin Schupbach)
Story Time Stencil (Seth Apter)
Numbers Stencil (Seth Apter)
Unfinished Stencil (Seth Apter)
Square Dance Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Inky Hearts Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Inky Circles (Terri Stegmiller)
Heart Grid Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Merry Go Round Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Broken Circles Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Bullet Holes Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Squiggles 6 Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)
Broken Circles 6 Stencil (Terri Stegmiller)

Hello. My name is Janet and I am a Stencil Hoarder.
Happy Arting!


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