Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Transfer Artist Paper and a StencilGirl Hop

Hi friends! 
It is Day 3 of our week long event.....
We have a fabulous Hop going on using this wonderful
Artist Transfer Paper made by the multi-talented Lesley Riley.
As a quilter, I am very familiar with transfer techniques
used with memory quilts.
What fascinated me was the option of using it on
all the other suggested surfaces...
fabric, paper, wood, clay, glass, canvas, metal & more.

I went into my old sketchbooks and came up with this old self portrait 
I had done when I years old....
The Selfies of the 70's!

I photographed it...
lightened and contrasted it in my photo edit program...
then copied it in a 5x7 format...
and printed it onto the  sheet of TAP as directed in the 
General Instructions that comes with the package.

I had prepped one of my future Daily book covers with gesso and stencils, 
....wiping off the area the Selfie would be residing.

And, following the instructions, I ironed it on. 

You peel it off when it's still hot.

Not a bad transfer!
I was a little worried about ironing onto my gessoed cover...
and there are a few bubbly places...
but I love the imperfection of creating art.

 I love it!
 I think it is a perfect place to start!

I began the fun using Stazon Ink and the 4x4" hearts stencil that is part of
 the November 2013 StencilClub Stencils  designed by Joanne Sharpe....
And the 4x4" Journal Texture #2 Stencil by Pam Carriker.
I use those little dots alot!

Then layers of Golden Paints, Markers, Stamps, and Smooch Ink....

I was having so much fun with this cover that I forgot to take more photos along the way!
But this is how it ended up....
You can barely see the hearts floating around my head...
but I know they are there!

because it gives fabulous shine, sparkle and glimmer!

 I love that the original base of the Mod Circles and Ovals 
adds depth to the finished book cover.

I love how it turned out! 

But....Believe it or not I was feeling a little guilty after that....

Here I am with the love of all things quilting 
and all things family...
and a whole computer filled with photos...
and a whole closet full of fabric....
and I feel like I should have made a more personal project using photos of my sweet kids....

Okay...I can do that too!
YES... Because it is THAT easy!

 I mirror imaged this photo when I copied it on to fabric.
Then covered the photo when I stenciled the

The pattern of stitching on the couch lends itself perfectly
to some hand stitched accents using some specialty threads.

Hmmm... More framing is needed.
I auditioned a variety of stencils and these are what I liked best.

I used the Mini Lines Stencil by Mary Beth Shaw to mimic the couch pattern
and then the imperfect circles from the Past Present Future Stencil by Seth Apter.

I love the way it is framed!

Yep...Those are my sweet treasures.

Of Course...There is a Giveaway!

Today it is just me and StencilGirl Talk...
But check the SG Talk blog every day this week to see all the Hop Blogs
and leave comments on each one for more chances to win the Giveaway Prize!
Thanks for Hopping with me!

*****Janet Joehlin*****

Happy Arting!


  1. Great projects, Janet! I love how the colors are so vibrant in your book cover - art yumminess!!!! And your little quilt is so cute - your kids are darling! Truly a sweet little memento - they'll be grown and gone before you know it!

  2. Wonderful, inspiring projects, Janet!
    Love that you took the TAP paper in two totally different directions with TWO projects! :)

  3. I like that TAP can be used on fabric. Love the sweetness of your children.

  4. Great ideas! We are expecting our 1st grandchild next month, can't wait to get started on some projects with our sweet Angel! Thanks for showing use of stencils-I've never tried with ink pads.

  5. You have given me some great ideas to use with my grandchild! Can't wait to get started love the stencils-I'm gonna need to get some of those

  6. Oops forgot email

  7. Love the color combo of 18 and the border on sweetness...bea

  8. I took away lots of ideas for using dots...thanks, Janet!
    mzdetail (at) gmail (dot com)

  9. Great projects! I like how you "auditioned" stencils :)

  10. Two great uses for TAP. Love then both. Your kids are so adorable, look at those eyes! The framing you did is perfect.

  11. You made it look so easy! Have to find my TAP and a photo.. Love your framing.. rtilinsk at mail dot win dot org

  12. Love, love, love both of them... humm do I wait and see if I win, or go buy a package of TAP today... maybe if I buy I will win ?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  13. how adorable!! Going to look for some TAP!!

  14. Love the colors, textures and the concept!

  15. What fun. We have to feature ourselves in our work - can't always be about others.
    Love the projects. Cute kids.
    thanks for sharing.

  16. TAP is very versatile......your projects are so different. Love the choices you made with stencils and images. com)

  17. Great projects. Love them both. I bought some TAP a while ago and haven't had much success. I like seeing what can be done with it. It gives me incentive to try it again. Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. What fun projects- love them! The TAP would broaden the possibilities with my projects. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  19. I love your technique. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win. Normajean Brevik

  20. Love your projects! They both turned out great, but I really love the idea of digitizing a sketch and using it to transfer. That was so cool!

  21. Such a wonderful use of materials! I love the retro you on the book cover, and the use of color around the kids' photo. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Great projects. Love the photo quilt. I share you feeling of guilt�� Didn't really mean to rhyme.

  23. Love that layering! And the fabric piece was just right!

    alhrobkin (at) aol (dot com)

  24. omgosh Janet- You still look exactly the same- just not so much cartoon like! heehee
    I love what you did in your journal, but I adore what you did with your children's photo- sweetness to the max!!! Wonderful projects- thanks so much for sharing Janet! xo

  25. fabulous and beautiful projects for today!

  26. I've never used TAP but after this blog hop I've got to give it a try. So many ways to use it. I love, love stencils.

  27. What fabulous projects! I love the colors and textures in your self portrait!

  28. great projects! would love to win sltresso at hotmail dot com

  29. Love all of the applications discovered because of the hop.

  30. Love what you did here! Makes me realize I could readily make some really cool Christmas gifts using TAP and photos and it won't take forever to do. Love the idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Love self portrait of the 70's It's so COOL and just like a good Mommy, you created a darling quilt of your babies. I so want some of this TAP Paper so I can fully take advantage of with my Stencil Girl Stencils.

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  33. Both your projects are great! I would really love to try the transfer papers! The possibilities are endless!

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  37. Janet- your journal and fabric work always inspires me! Love what you've made!

  38. The versatility of TAP is clearly evident in your lovely projects. And I'm impressed your have your selfie still. : } lindaleecr (at) yahoo {}

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  40. wow - both are very interesting and cool projects. LOVE!! I'm inspired to get some TAP now.

  41. Such inspiring ideas.
    e-mail address: lstardust999

  42. Fabulous projects - I love the circles,circles stencil!

  43. Great tips and ideas -- I love StencilGirls' stencils (I have several), and Lesley Riley is an inspiration. I love this opportunity to see other artists, what they're doing, and to see how they inspire me as well. Thanks. (Sandy at

  44. Love the old selfie - been going on for centuries, only the medium changes! They're both great projects.
    cathsheard (at)

  45. Who would think you could transfer an image that easily? Your project turned out great! Thank you for the chance to win.

  46. Two great ideas for using TAP. I can't wait to get some!
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  47. Great projects! Love the fact that you created two projects with different approaches! So cool to use TAP! Fabulous and so much fun.
    msmith2illustration (at) gmail (dot) com

  48. Lovely and fun projects. I am not part of a blog hop, just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.