Wednesday, June 17, 2015

StencilGirl and ArtQuest Hop

Hi Stencil Lovers! 
StencilGirl has partnered with USArtQuest 
to bring you a great Hop this week..... and today is Day 3.....
Have you been to the USArtQuest website and seen all they have to offer?
So many How-to Videos and information..... along with So Many Products!

 I want to show you some things I did with Mini Prills and PPA.
So what IS a Mini Prill? Here is what they remind me of......

Think Donut Holes....but smaller...Bead Holes.......(but don't eat them)
Tiny little great colors.
Great texture.
Very versatile.

And what, you ask, is PPA?
Perfect Paper Adhesive, of course.
A fabulous glue.
I like that it is water-soluble when wet BUT water-resistant when dry.

I used two stencils on this Daily cover......
The May 2015 StencilClub middle sized stencil and
one of Rae Missigman's 4x4 stencils called  Repetition.

I used a thin spread of modeling paste through parts of the Club Stencil
and just started coloring areas with Neocolor II Crayons and paints.
I kept adding layers of colors till I was happy with the look.

Then I laid down Rae's Repetition Stencil...
just because I love that dotted pattern.

I added my number 21 with paint first......
because I number my Dailies and that is what's next...
Then I laid the PPA glue down and poured the Mini Prills on top.
I ended up with a double layer
because I wanted it to be densely filled.
I just liked that look.

Then I added the Mini Prills in different colors to other areas of the cover.
It was fun to do.

But I am not done playing with Mini Prills yet!

I repurposed this old art journal cover from years ago......
It was an all over stamping of a cardboard tube....
which ended up kind of boring.
I gessoed over the design, still letting it peek through a bit....
Then poured my PPA glue on a palette and used a sponge 
to daub it through Terri Stegmiller's Bold Flower Stencil.
I laid those Mini Prills on pretty thick again.
When everything was dry I coated the bead design
with another layer of the PPA glue.
 I don't know if it was required.... but what it did was encase 
the whole design in a protective seal.  

I love how that experiment turned out.
I used colored pencils and markers and pens to shade in around it.
The texture is fabulous.

And then my favorite project with these Mini Prills....
Grand Baby #2 is due to arrive this fall.
I made an art journal devoted to the journey of her arrival and first months.

The cover for this book was so much fun to do!
Pink and teal...obviously.....
Mismatched chipboard letters...glued down.....gessoed over...
Clustered Triangles, another 4x4 Rae Missigman Stencil,
was used as texture by spreading a thin layer of Matte Gel.

I drew the flower....painted and shaded all around....
Using paints and markers
 I used DecoArt Media Crackle Glaze over top of the white BABY letters.
That turned out to be a nice surprise! 
The Mini Prills inside those letters was the perfect touch! 
I lightly added some aqua Mini Prills to the center area of the flower too.

Am I overdoing it with these "baby photos"? 
Ha! Seriously! I LOVE how this turned out! 

And I can't get enough of the awesome texture these Mini Prills give!

So there you go! 
Thanks to Susan Pickering Rothamel and USArtQuest 
for supplying the SG Team with these great products!

Check out Maria McGuire's blog today to see what project she has created.

Happy Arting!


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    thehogan7 (@) gmail (.) com

  30. Those pills are the neatest little things. I love learning about products. You did a great job showing how they can be used. Both projects are awesome. I especially loved how you renewed that journal cover. Thanks for sharing. (((HUGS))) KIMMIE
    thehogan7 (@) gmail (.) com

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