Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Happy June!
Who's soaking up the sun this month?
Here are this month's prompts!

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Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 Peach 
2 Cherries
3 PP- Use a Water Soluble Crayon
4 Weekly Quote
5 Monday Mandala
6 Fantasy
7 Asymmetry
8 Flower of the Month-Rose
9 Ball Point Pen 
10 PP-Gratitude
11 Weekly Quote
12 Monday Mandala Day
13 Your Favorite Essential Oil
14 Flag
15 Use Lined or Graph Paper
16 National Flip Flop Day
17 PP-Use a Stencil 
18 Weekly Quote-Father’s Day
19 Monday Mandala
20 Favorite That Goes Everywhere w/you
21 Cake
22 Design Your Own Cowboy Boots
23 Trapezoid 
24 PP-Use Washi Tape
25 Weekly Quote
26 Monday Mandala
27 Water
28 Bird of the Month-Purple Martin
29 Walk in the Park
30 Obsession of the Month

Enjoy your Summer!
Happy Arting!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Hi Again!
We are still at it!
Working in our Planners and our art challenges.
Feel free to jump in anytime!

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Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 Monday Mandala
2 Design Your Own Butterfly
3 Use Something in your purse
4 National Bird Day
5 Cinco De Mayo-Fiesta
6 PP-Use Book Text
7 Weekly Quote
8 Monday Mandala
9 Van Gogh Inspired
10 Flower of the Month-Lily of the Valley
11 Batik
12 Design Your Own Placemat
13 PP- Add Wings
14 Weekly Quote-Mother’s Day
15 Monday Mandala
16 Favorite Summer Flower
17 Use a Crayon
18 Proverb
19 iPhone App You Use Most
20 PP-Monochromatic
21 Weekly Quote
22 Monday Mandala
23 National Lucky Penny Day
24 Coffee
25 Bird of the Month-Hummingbird
26 Weekend Plans
27 PP-Doodle a Border
28 Weekly Quote
29 Monday Mandala-Memorial Day
30 Key
31 Obsession of the Month

Happy May!
Happy Arting!

Friday, April 21, 2017

StencilGirl Meets Amazing Casting Products!

Day 3 of the StencilGirl/Amazing Casting Products Blog Hop!

I had a lot of fun with this mold making and resin casting product. 
I feel like I barely touched the surface!
My results are very 2D and as I painted these objects 
my mind was racing with so many possibilities!

I tried thinking practically of how I would use this product in my everyday arting.
I thought of adding texture and depth to covers and canvases...
I made shapes using stencils with sculpy clay...then molds...
then used those for casting....

I'm sure you recognize the Bird stencil, and the Hand stencil, 
and the Marrakech stencil, and some of the Curlicue shapes from my own stencils...

One package of this Amazing Casting Resin made all this!
The directions are simple and I went to the company's website
to watch the videos and gleaned all I could from there.

My new Daily cover started with Curlicue Allover Stencil and
Some color then some whitewash...

How classic is this shape from the Marrakech Mix Stencil?
Of course I made several because I will use this often.

More layers of colors...
More curlicues...
The numbers from this planner stencil....

Love the finished result.

If you follow my art at all, you will know I am obsessed with this Bird Stencil!

It was easy to drill holes in the resin.

Love Love Love!!

Enter the GIVEAWAY!
One lucky winner will receive both a 
$25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products 
$25 Gift Certificate to Amazing Casting Products!
Leave one comment on each artists blog hop post
for your chance to win!
You have until Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59pm central time. 
Winners announced on Monday, April 24th.

Today's Hop Artists

Have Fun Hopping!

Friday, March 31, 2017

April 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Hi Again! It's April!
Here is this month's Prompt List!

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Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 PP-Rubber Stamp
2 Weekly Quote
3 Monday Mandala
4 Calico Pattern
5 A Stamp You Have Carved
6 Flower of the Month-Daisy
7 Cartoon
8 PP-Add a Photo
9 Weekly Quote
10 Monday Mandala
11 Eyeglasses
12 April Showers
13 Nursery Rhyme
14 Favorite Dessert
15 PP-Add a Star
16 Weekly Quote EASTER
17 Monday Mandala
18 National Animal Cracker Day
19 Doodle-Green
20 Childhood Memory
21 Playing Cards
22 PP-Use a Magazine Image
23 Weekly Quote
24 Monday Mandala
25 Triangle
26 National Pretzel Day
27 Obsession of the Month
28 Bird of the Month-Sparrow
29 PP-Paint
30 Weekly Quote