Thursday, February 26, 2015


Here I am to the end of my Daily #17.
I don't think I ever raced through showing you a book faster than this!!!

For this face I went through my Christmas cards from last month.
There is not a whole lot of likeness to the actual baby
The hair is closest...I have the face too wide and the eyes too far apart.
It was still fun to do!
So if you sent me a Christmas card....look out!

One thing about the Sketchbookery Class I am taking
is that I am super aware of shadows and letters.
I actually have a difficult time with getting shadows right.

This Party Girl image is from Lost Coast Designs.
When I started thinking about choices I thought of her 
holding her arms up with This and That in them!

The hand is a Pam Carriker Stencil called Journal Prompt Pointer. 
I envisioned it being orange and pink and purple

 And since I had a hand pointing on the left side of the page...
I thought I would add a hand on the right side too....

Happy Arting! 
Do something Fun today!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anatomy of a Page

Hello Friends. 
I am over on the StencilGirlTalk blog today sharing
how I develop a spread in my Daily using a stencil as my inspiration.

Come join me as I kind of explain my thoughts and process.....
See you there!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I have been busy with quilting for customers.....
the folk art motifs here are similar to those on the
Robin Run The Hedge Wool Quilt by Sue Spargo.

It has been Bitter Cold here. 

The faces are stylized from people in magazines and print ads.
They are fun to do and two faces never ever look alike!
I think that says more about me winging it with no training (art school dropout)!!!

Yes, I need sunshine! 
I put my Happy Light on every morning!

This medallion is formed from a Doodle It Dahlia Stencil by Maria McGuire. 

Hope you are all out there being your own creative selves!
Happy Arting!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The blind contour drawing of the red tea kettle
 was influenced by the Sketchbookery class.

 GOODBYE 2014....It was a very good year.

HELLO 2015.....May you bring hope and healing to this world.

I used a part of the January 2015 StencilClub Stencil here. 
I love that little grid work.
Even the A-4 is part of the blueprint stencil.

Happy Arting Friends.

Monday, February 16, 2015


I love turquoise and red together!

Merry Christmas!

I was actually REALLY looking forward to the day after Christmas 
because Sketchbookery with Mary Ann Moss was starting! 
So excited!

No I am not talking about Sketchbookery as not a good thing... something else entirely!
My Daily is a place where I record my happenings AND my thoughts.

I hope you are expressing yourselves in some creative way too!
Happy Arting!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Don't you hate getting sick? 
Those early stages...right before you know you need to get in to see the doctor...
My face was throbbing! 

 I used Carolyn Dube's Vintage Typewriter Alphabet Stencil here....
I find I use that stencil often.

I was a hostess to a house full of people
and playing with pens and markers making texture 
was all the creativity I had time for!
It was actually very relaxing to sit down and do this.

Happy Arting my friends!