Thursday, January 29, 2015


Here are the last pages in my Daily #16.
There are a lot of good memories in this book 16.
I will be happy to look back on it in years to come.'s my birthday!

I combined two stencils here...
the Mod Ovals and Circles Stencil by Lizzie Mayne.
And did you notice the circle edge? It is the Rose Window stencil's edge.

This geometric star shape is also traced from the Rose Window Stencil...
Then I did my own thing with it...

Fun Fun Fun!

And the last two pages in the book are just experimenting....
Above...I doodled on top of some October 2014 StencilClub stencils...
And below...I was playing with Sue Pelletier's Cowboy Boot Stencil.

Next up...Daily #17.

Happy Arting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here are the next couple pages of my Daily #16.....

A lot of doodling....

Decided to add a little color to the black & white....

Since it was my friend Maria's birthday...
I used a couple of her StencilGirl Stencils on these pages.

and the Seeds Stencil...
Happy Birthday Maria!

Till next time...
Happy Arting!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Craft Attitude and a StencilGirl Hop

Today is day 2 of a 4 day Hop....
It's time to play....

For this project, each artist used Craft Attitude Printable Craft Film.

My daughter gave me this Ohio Shaped wooden plaque
 and asked me to make something for the baby's room.
This seemed like a good time to use it.

I painted it white with gesso.  The photos and design called for it.
The craft film is pretty much whatever is on the base
will show through the film once it is glued down.

I used the Map 6 Stencil by Mary Nasser & the little crosshatch stencil
in dark reds and  light grays around the edges...
Leaving the central area mostly white for now.

I followed the directions on the packaging of the Craft Attitude Film....
I printed my pictures in mirror image 
since the little guy was wearing a Go Bucks shirt.
I did a test sheet on regular paper to make sure it was what I wanted...

I printed it, then waited the recommended two hours to let it dry completely...
then used a glue stick to glue it down.
Easy Peasy!

I added some magazine words,
I'm a Buckeye..
Since the little guy doesn't live in Ohio... he has to learn where his roots lie!

I played with different reds, filling in the background.
I added more of the crosshatch stencil in the bottom area and 
shaded the entire edge of the state shape with the Dark Cherry color StazOn Ink.

I added stars for where the baby's family members live in Ohio
and a heart where Columbus is.

There you have it.
Another Hop Project complete! 
Make sure you travel around to each artist's blog
 every day this week and leave comments.
There will be a giveaway at the end!
(1 pkg Craft Attitude & $25 Gift Certificate for StencilGirl Products)
The winner will be announced on January 27 on  StencilGirl Talk.

Here is today's list....

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 19, 2015

SketchBookery Class

Needs work.

I made myself a nice coloring book page in the front...
Sometimes I just want to do something mindless yet creative.
I will wait for the mood to strike!

I felt that the craftsmanship of this fourth book
was so much better than the other three.
The holes are smaller, the sewing went smoother.
I am glad I am finally learning the right way to make books.

So on to practice...fonts....

Contour drawings....

And sketching....
While I watched television with my hubby....
The Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Oregon Ducks in the National Title game.

See my quilts all folded up on the shelves?

Can anyone guess where the entertainment center is from?
Does it look familiar?

And an overall pattern on the inside of a decorative file folder....

We watched the game till the very end.
We are big Ohio State Buckeye fans in this family!

Happy Arting friends.
Till next time.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

SketchBookery Class

The third art journal I made....minus the chevron stitch.

I painted the white book tape and used
 the Doodle It Tornado Bloom stencil by Maria McGuire for texture.

I went with a big made up thinking...just doing...

I pasted in some scrapbook paper for the front back cover...
or is it the back face of the front cover....
no's the inside front cover....right?

And made a pretty flower to say hello.

We are supposed to be looking at the shadows....
and trying different pens and markers.....or mark making tools.

How do you like my wood grain attempts?

Have you noticed coffee is a recurring theme in much of my artwork?

Doesn't everyone have Tony Chachere's on their dinner tables?

Let me just say......
.....Painting clear glass is hard to do.
No Kidding.

I copied this phrase and colorful font from the back of
the magazine,  Flow,  issue 6.
The butterfly is one of the Melody Ross Possibilities File Folders
I added in to my signatures.

Happy Arting.
One more Sketchbookery book to show you tomorrow....
Or at least what I have begun in it...
Till then...