Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello my Friends!
The border on this is from the March 2014 StencilClub stencils.
Just a part of them that I traced several times.

It was my sweet daughter in laws birthday. <3

Ellie the Elephant stamp is from Rubbermoon Art Stamps.

This fun little jumping girl stamp is also from Rubbermoon.

Was it a Renoir painting I was looking at that influenced the pink girl?
I think so!

I find that I use Carolyn Dube's Vintage Typewriter Alphabet Stencil a lot.

I guess I am a true midwesterner!
The rain was pouring down in April and
all I could do is be thankful it wasn't snow!
With the bitter winter we had I figured anything was possible!
No Kidding...several years ago we had 20" of snow in April!

Happy Arting everyone!
I am still no expert on this new computer but I am learning!

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Daily

 Did you miss me? 
Our house was hit by lightning in mid June...
which fried most of the electrical devices we owned....
and I am finally getting back up and running!
It's a long story...
and not a real good experience with the powers
that move those things along....
Oh Well....

The little moon face was a moonmail club stamp....

The doorways are from the 1700's Building Stencil by Carolyn Dube.

Vintage Typewriter Alphabet Stencil, also from Carolyn Dube,
 is what made the 'easter' title. They are nice and bold!

And Yes. We are getting a lightning rod.

Happy Arting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


If you are looking for the Blog Hop featuring Orly Avineri, please keep scrolling down after this post.

Can artwork be a prayer?

The roses on the Orly Avineri Soft Bones stencil I used this week called to me.

As I was doing the Hop Project I kept thinking of the roses as a blessing.

I know Blessings aren't to be taken lightly...
Just as sincere prayers are serious stuff, too.

I had a friend in mind, someone I adore.
A family I hold near and dear to my heart.

I painted four figures.
They are not true portraits of my friend and her kids...
But they are a reflection of how my heart sees them.
They are a beautiful family.

I poured my prayers out for them as I worked on this piece.

I wrote scriptures....and prayers...and blessings in the background.

There are Layers and Layers of both Paint and Prayers.

Like Rain may the Blessings Fall on my Friend and her sweet children.

Do you make prayers this same way?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stencil Hop Featuring Orly Aveneri Designs

Hello Stencil Lovers.
It's Hop Time once again!
We are truly hucky to have snagged Orly Avineri as a StencilGirl Stencil Artist!
Go check out her blog here.
She is really one-of-a-kind awesome!

I was sent THIS stencil to work with. Hmmmm.....
Very Free Form . This could be interpreted so many ways.

I was fascinated by this face ...or what I took as a face anyways!

I started by making my background.
This time it is washi tape, gessoed lightly,
 and Matte Super Heavy Gel by Liquitex scraped through the stencil
and left overnight for thorough drying.
Lots of background texture!
Then I started playing with Neocolor II Crayons and markers and pens.

I had done some Pam Carriker faces in the past 
and I was tempted to do the same thing here.
But No. 
I played with the faces part of the stencil on several of my journal pages.
So much variation in each one!

I finished these six...and have several more started!

I let my imagination run wild with these faces 
and I only touched the surface!
What Fun!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Go visit all the Hop Artists playing along!

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