Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Breathe

Wow! Two days in a row! 
I am over on the StencilGirl Talk Blog again today.
This time I used Maria McGuire's Just Breathe stencil.

Be Creative Today!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Documented Life Project

Here is my Week 13 of the Documented Life Project.
The DLP challenge was announced on Saturday at noon.....
someone else was to start a drawing and we were to finish it.

I immediately wanted to use some of my kid's artwork.
But my kids are all married and live in different cities.
No worries! I have a whole drawer full of their artwork
from when they were younger. 
Awwww. I am so glad I saved these.

I am thrilled to have these included! 
I reduced the sizes on the photocopy machine to all fit on the inside of the flap.

On Sunday morning I handed my book to a sweet little gal (70+) in Bible Class
and she said she would draw me an ugly face!
No Way!!!
It turned out darling!

(I showed Mary the next week and she was so pleased with how it turned out!)

On the outside of the flap I used a new StencilGirl Stencil
Go Here to see the blog post on that.

 The challenge for Week 14 was to write our name and embellish it.
I cut my name out of painted and inked up deli paper.
I played with colors and patterns.
I used a dictionary and graph paper stamps for the underneath layers,
as well as washi tape and Crystal Lacquer and a
variety of pens and markers.

I used a tag with my name on it I received in 2012 for my flap.
The lace on the edge was already attached.

And I love the little free spirit horse and winged heart.
I repeat my favorite motifs alot!

My traced hand is also something I repeat often.
When I was first learning to express myself through art journaling....
There were times I had no idea what direction to go.
So I would trace my hand and do art around it.
I decided that what seperates those who talk about being artists and
those who really ARE artists is their body of work.
I learned to just DO ART. Do Something.
Draw Something. 
Get your Hands Moving and the Colors Flowing!

Inspiration Follows.
Motivation Follows.
Productivity Follows.
Creativity Follows.

To finish it off I used the sparkles stamp from the RubberMoon Mail Club.
The sparkles were perfect.

I love doing Art!
And I love my DLP!

Happy Arting Everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More StencilClub

Yay! It seems to be spring here in Ohio!

Yesterday I was featured on the StencilTalk Blog 
with this month's exclusive StencilClub offering.
I sampled the large 9x12 clock face stencil designed by Carolyn Dube.
I didn't want to neglect the other two stencils in the set.
The 6x6 design is light bulbs!
Three sizes of them. How cool is that?
It reminds me of the cartoon with a guy and a light bulb over his head
because he has a great idea!
Or the kids bible class song..
This Little Light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Well I had a great idea, too!
I used Crystal Lacquer to make my light bulb shiny with some depth.

The light bulb was perfect with this scripture.
It would be good with those song lyrics above, too....
(that I am now singing over and over again in my head!)

I want to point out all the beautiful imperfections in this page.
This artwork is on one of my extra DLP pages.
Remember it is very thin paper in the Moleskine planner.
It is gessoed and painted and colored and rubbed.
Then the Crystal Lacquer adds an even thicker and heavier layer.
Look how deliciously wrinkly it is!
I love the texture and I love how there is some transparency.
You can see through areas to the lines of the paper and the print below!
Not every piece of artwork is going to hang on your wall.
Not every page is a masterpiece! 
Sometimes the imperfections are my most favorite part!!!
The 4x4 stencil that Carolyn designed is a small alphabet.
Simple and Sweet!
I have used it many times already and
will use it many more times, I am sure!
I obviously use many words in my daily. 
Sometimes it is nice to change it up....
Handwriting, Stencils, Stamps....
A little variety! 

Thanks for looking! 
You know I am a big fan of StencilGirl...
and I love having the StencilClub Stencils at my beck and call!!!

Happy Arting!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

StencilClub Fun

Tick Tock.
Time to check out the StencilTalk Blog.
 I am sharing the Daily pages 
where I use this month's StencilClub Stencils!
Come and See!

Happy Arting!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I had the urge here to use red and turquoise together.
One of my favorite combos. 

There is a clock face stencil designed by Carolyn Dube
in the April StencilClub stencils.
This is a sneak peek! 
Put A Bird On It!
Did you watch Portlandia?
That is where the phrase became "famous".
It was also the DLP challenge for week 11

I wasn't feeling too great during this time frame.
I don't know if it was the weather changes...
60 degrees one day with 10 degrees the next day...
or just some virus working through me....
the headache and the sore throats...
Yuk. I am glad I am feeling better now.

I was drinking a lot of smoothies and taking naps.

I love the opaque inky black of this number fourteen
with the polky dots.
I love how it jumps out.

 Happy Arting!
Do Something Creative Today!