Friday, April 10, 2015

Groovy StencilClub Designs

Hi Friends. 
I am over on the StencilGirl Talk blog today
showing how I used 
the April StencilClub stencils in my Daily.

Come on over and see all the groovy details!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Color Burst Experiment

I want to show you another experiment I did with Ken Oliver Crafts 
Color Burst Paints.

I wanted to play with a resist and the clear Liquid Glass is just what I needed.
I brushed the Liquid Glass through the stencil onto the white paper.

I went with the rainbow colors of Color Burst Paints around the page
since it was all experimentation and I didn't have a firm objective.

With the first layer dry I started round two.
I loosely outlined some of the shapes and drew the circles and dots in 
with the great tip on the liquid glass' bottle.

I painted another layer of green over this olive color.
It really made the yellow dots pop out

This is a BEFORE photo....
 This is the AFTER photo....

See how the Liquid Glass sat on TOP of the paper and did not soak into the fibers?

Instead of repelling the Color Burst Paint it trapped it underneath.

When the Liquid Glass product went IN to the paper fibers 
it DID give a resist ..... like the light colored dots below.

Practice and play...oh yeah!

It's always fun to play with your paints!
Have fun!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Color Burst is King!

Hello Stencil Lovers! 
I am back again on Day 5 of the Ken Oliver Crafts and StencilGirl Hop.
I have something a little different this time.

I used Mary Beth Shaw's Circle on Circle stencil 
to space some nice sized circles for color swatches.

I am involved in Mary Ann Moss' online Sketchbookery Class this year.
She encourages her students to draw everything and to make color charts....
among other things....

Since Ken Oliver generously sent us an entire set of the Color Burst Paints
I decided to add them into my Sketchbookery line up.
It was time to play with colors.
Above are the three primary and 3 secondary colors in order

On my paint pallet I sprinkled just a little bit of pigment powder in every color...
into one pile.....then added a bit of water...and the center color is what I got.
But then I kind of knew I would get a gray or brown if I mixed all the colors together.

I experimented with mixing colors and adding salt to some....

And then I drew my little bottles.
They are colorful little soldiers standing tall.

I used a black and a gray Sharpie Marker to add details.
But all that shading and coloring is Ken's Color Burst Paints.
Pretty Fabulous!

The Violet powder is so intense it almost looks black all by itself.
I had tried to pour equal amounts of each color out onto the paint pallet.
Note to self: use less violet!

This was a lot of fun and I look forward to a lot more experimentation.

Did you know that both StencilGirl and Ken Oliver Crafts have giveaway
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Since today is the last day of the Hop I am sure it will be soon!

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Here is today's Line Up of Blogs.....

>>>>>Janet Joehlin<<<<<

We hope you have enjoyed these 5 days of great projects!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

StencilGirl Teams Up With Ken Oliver Crafts

Hi Stencil Lovers! 
Welcome to the third day of the StencilGirl and Ken Oliver Crafts Hop.
When I received these little beauties in the mail
I immediately went to work. 
I was very pleased with how vibrant these powdered pigments are!
Color Bursts are really Intense!

Because of their intense colors, I thought of Marbling Paper.
But because they are water soluble I knew I needed something besides water.
I dug deep into my memory cells and knew I needed oil....
glycerin came to mind.

Hmmmmm....didn't have any glycerin on hand.
How about some other oil....

I pulled out a styrofoam plate and gave it a layer of
oil...I tried both jojoba and vitamin E oil
and they worked equally well.

I sprinkled the Color Burst Pigment onto the oil and
let it soak in. I took a plastic fork and made a pattern
 in some of the test runs.

I used  photo paper because it had a nice satin finish and it was a good size to experiment with.

I tried a few different things, like spraying water or making a "color syrup"...
But I figured out I wasn't going to get true marbling effects this way....
Still... Oh My.... These turned out Luscious!

I was loving the outcome so I kept on going!

 Okay....I have the Color Burst part of the project what?
It is Springtime here in Ohio and I wanted to do something
light and happy with the promise of warmth and sunshine!

 I have this green sketchbook cover that I used the Words to Live By Stencil 
designed by Carolyn Dube.
I put the Be Bold Be You part across the top.
The Fly Soar Leap part shows across the bottom of the book.

I thought the orange would look best against the green.

I envisioned doodling on and around the circles.

Then I came across this butterfly a Brave Girl Friend gave me
and knew that would be perfect as a center point.
Very spring like!

The doodles are done with all kinds of pens and markers, 
as well as the Color Burst's as watercolor paints.
The original Color Bursts did not bleed off the photo paper.
I don't know if that was because I used oil with them or because
it was ON the satin photo paper or a combination of both.

I have some white fabric book tape that I wrapped around the black spine, 
then sprinkled the Color Burst Powder on to it.
The pigment powder soaked in and blended nicely.

There you have it.....
I love my springtime sketchbook!

Did you know that both StencilGirl and Ken Oliver Crafts have giveaway
prizes when this week long Blog Hop event is over?

Leave a comment here to be entered to win a
 $50 gift certificate from StencilGirl. 
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Here is today's line up for some colorful projects! 
>>>>Janet Joehlin <<<<

I will be back in the Hop Line Up on Friday with another Color Burst project!
See you then!