Monday, July 31, 2017

August 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Hello Friends!
I love Summertime!
Here are the August Prompts!

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Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 National Girlfriends Day
2 National Coloring Book Day-Make a page!
3 Animal Print
4 National Watermelon Day
5 PP-Use Ink from a Bottle
6 Weekly Quote
7 Monday Mandala-National Purple Heart 
8 Geometric Pattern
9 Flower of the Month-Gladiolus
10 Telephone
11 Fan
12 PP-Use Painted Paper
13 Weekly Quote
14 Monday Mandala
15 Boho Pattern
16 Favorite Food
17 Design Your Own Robot Character
18 Mickey Mouse Birthday
19 PP-Use Modeling Paste
20 Weekly Quote
21 Monday Mandala
22 Pencil Sketch
23 National Espresso Day
24 Doodle-Brown
25 Bird of the Month—Painted Bunting
26 PP-Use a Sticker
27 Weekly Quote
28 Monday Mandala
29 Birthday Cake
30 Banner
31 Obsession of the Month

Be Creative Every Day!
Have Fun!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts

Today is Day 1 of a 3 day Hop with StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts.

Let's jump in!
The little girl on my Sugar and Spice canvas 
was made with the Judy Judy Stencil by Judy Wise.
I have a boatload of these Memento Dew Drop Inks.

I wanted kind of a vintage feel for this girl 
so I picked out my neutral colors;
the browns, pinks, peaches...

I used Curlicue Wide Borders and Curlicue Floral in the background.

I gave her little red shoes. 
Didn't you have a pair of red tennis shoes when you were little?
And I couldn't resist scratching in the little cars at her feet.

I used the Repetition Stencil to make the print on the dress.
Something simple and vintage like...

There you go. 

Of course there is a GiveAway.
One lucky winner will receive both a $25 gift certificate to 
StencilGirl Products AND a $25 gift certificate to Imagine Crafts!

Leave comments on each blog each day for more chances to win.
You have until Sunday July 23rd at 11:59 pm Central Time.

The winner will be announced 
on the StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts FaceBook pages Monday July 24th.

Check out StencilGirl Talk every day for each day's Hop Lists.

Today's Hop Participants

Have fun hopping!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mermaid Madness

Okay Friends! It's Mermaid Madness time in StencilGirl Land!
Three new Mermaid Stencils were released last month
and the Creative Team was excited to participate in a blog hop amongst ourselves.

We were each randomly sent one mermaid stencil.
Then it was Ready, Set, GO!

I was excited to try Shrinky Dinks with my Love Mermaid Stencil
designed by Cathy Nichols.

I shrunk the design down on my copier by 50%.
The size was more manageable for the shrink factor in Shrinky Dinks.

I was hooked on coloring these on the Shrinky Dink plastic.
I used markers and colored pencils.
Before I cooked them I punched a hole in each hair decoration 
so they can have jump rings added or be strung up somehow.

In the oven, they wanted to fold over on themselves.
I had more control if I did 2 at a time and tweezered them into 
submission by snipping and flattening as stealthily as possible while still hot.
You can see one of the mermaids tails snapped off.

I had fun stringing them up for different purposes.
One gal needed to be hanging in my Pollyanna window.

I didn't even know that movie, Pollyanna, had left such a big impression in my childhood mind
until I flipped through channels recently. 
I came across the scene where she discovers the crystals that spread rainbows
 into grouchy Mrs. Snow's room.

Wow! I've been collecting crystals and shiny objects for the last fifteen years!
That sweet little mermaid blends right in!

I love that these mermaids are holding hearts close to their chests
with their eyes closed and a little smile on their face.

Some are hung on ribbons for bookmarks.
Some are hung on chains as necklaces for my granddaughter and great niece.

Then I made some faux seashells out of air dry paper clay.
I pressed in pearls and buttons and the mermaid while it was soft.
After it was firm and set I glued those shapes down onto the 'seashell'. 
Super lightweight for a window? On your car mirror? On your Christmas tree?

I had been looking for a place to add that quote...

Comment to win by noon CST on July 16, 2017.

Here are the participating blogs! 
Have Fun!

>> Janet Joehlin <<

 Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a mermaid.
Then always be a mermaid!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Made By Janet

I'm over on the StencilGirl Talk Blog with my monthly column,
Made By Janet.
Come on over and take a look!

Friday, June 30, 2017

July 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Hello Summer Friends!
Here are July's Prompts!

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Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 PP Postage Stamp Day Add a Stamp
2 Weekly Quote
3 Monday Mandala
4 Stars and Stripes
5 Ombre
6 Flower of the Month-Larkspur
7 National Macaroni Day
8 PP-Selfie
9 Weekly Quote
10 Monday Mandala
11 BBQ
12 Bon Fire
13 Favorite Movie
14 Night Sky
15 PP-Use Primary Colors
16 Weekly Quote
17 Monday Mandala
18 Doodle-Orange
19 Garden Hose
20 Use a Stencil
21 Soda Can
22 PP-Bullet Points
23 Weekly Quote
24 Monday Mandala
25 Paisley Pattern
26 Berries
27 Bird of the Month-Barn Swallow
28 Obsession of the Month
29 PP-Use Distress Ink
30 Weekly Quote
31 Monday Mandala

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Happy June!
Who's soaking up the sun this month?
Here are this month's prompts!

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Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

1 Peach 
2 Cherries
3 PP- Use a Water Soluble Crayon
4 Weekly Quote
5 Monday Mandala
6 Fantasy
7 Asymmetry
8 Flower of the Month-Rose
9 Ball Point Pen 
10 PP-Gratitude
11 Weekly Quote
12 Monday Mandala Day
13 Your Favorite Essential Oil
14 Flag
15 Use Lined or Graph Paper
16 National Flip Flop Day
17 PP-Use a Stencil 
18 Weekly Quote-Father’s Day
19 Monday Mandala
20 Favorite That Goes Everywhere w/you
21 Cake
22 Design Your Own Cowboy Boots
23 Trapezoid 
24 PP-Use Washi Tape
25 Weekly Quote
26 Monday Mandala
27 Water
28 Bird of the Month-Purple Martin
29 Walk in the Park
30 Obsession of the Month

Enjoy your Summer!
Happy Arting!