Monday, July 16, 2012


 Before I leave on a trip with my sister in laws, I wanted to show you what has inspired me lately. I am absolutely loving this gray and green quilt I had on my machine last week. After I was working on it I was spotting the gray and green combo everywhere. I had not really noticed it before. I will be using this somewhere! Not sure where it will turn up!

Found in a fabric catalogue

 And I have the most beautiful morning glories. The Blues are so Blue! I just LOVE them! Every morning I think 'God, You have totally outdone yourself today and it can't get any more beautiful than it is right now.' And then the next morning I go out to look at them and I am again blown away by their beauty! Seriously. They are my favorite flower. They live such a short life. In this heat they bloom for a few hours and then wilt away, sometimes by 10am. Later in the cooler part of summer and early fall they are sometimes open all day long.

My daily journal started out bright and colorful on Saturday. I was totally inspired by that blue and the contrasting green... but somehow it morphed into black and white zentangles. But thats okay. The colors will pop back onto my pages another day.

 Find what inspires you Brave Ones.

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