Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

My two customer quilts are ALMOST done.
Just details in the flowers...
and part of one border. 
But I zipped them off my machine so Laura could work this weekend.
She finished EIGHT baby quilts!
(I promise I'll get those two Imperial Blooms back on the machine
first thing in the morning!)

 I worked along side Laura alot.
I am trying to impart my 'machine quilting wisdom' to her!
It's not rocket science... but there is still alot to it.
I sewed some red binding onto this bright one....
it is one of our favorites.
They were leftover squares from another project years and years ago.
Did I tell you Laura went through my UFO cupboards
 and counted more than 50 unfinished quilt projects?
Yes, I am a process person!
It's the journey that I love.
It drives my daughter crazy!
Another project I worked on while she quilted at the longarm
was the squares from my wool class.
Sue gives us {two} six inch drawings of the next blocks
at each class and we go home and interpret them with wool fabrics.
We bring them to class and we work on stitch embellishment
and discuss (critique) everyone's blocks.
As the blocks multiply we pin them on the design wall
and audition colors and placement.
Overall it is an inspirational class.


Five years ago I never would have used this ...
... poison-chartreuse-olive-y green color as my background colors.
Sue really challenges me to think outside the box.

 I like to plan my block out and baste it on the background.
I hate the applique pins.
I have scratched my arm one too many times.
Basting the pieces are worth the extra step to me. 
The blocks I did today.
The first two class blocks.

I have already begun to embellish these with silk ribbon embroidery.

 It was great to have 2 of the kids home.
We did make a drive to Columbus on Saturday for a family party
and got to see 2 more kids.
That was a long drive and a quick visit.
But still fun times with the family.
And the newlyweds stopped in
on their way home from the airport last night
and left this morning.
They looked tanned and happy.
You just never know where life is going to take you.
So Be Brave.
No matter what happens.

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  1. Janet your quilts are BEAUTIFUL! I love the wool flower blocks, so fun and funky! Sounds like you had a great weekend! HUGS!!!