Sunday, November 25, 2012

Safe and Secure

When I hear the words Safe and Secure,
it automatically reminds me of the hymn I grew up on...
Standing on the Promises.
...'safe and secure from all alarm'...
But in all the craziness around here,
this is what I came up with for the FFF #4 challenge.
 Home offers a lot of security.
Inside that home, snuggling up on a comfy couch is pretty inviting.
I know you have to get off that couch and step into the real world too.

I love how my big geen comfy couch turned out.
I used paints and copic markers.
Though I am no expert using those markers.
I am learning as I go.
 The first one I did (below)
 immediately after the challenge had been issued.
I journaled my thoughts on security on the page first
then smeared it around with NeocolorII crayons and paint.
The bubbles appeared,
and living in a bubble seems like a safe place.
Though bubbles can be fragile and pop.
Artistically, I like how my bubble page turned out.
I like the hidden journaling and the layers.


  1. I like both these entries, but really love the idea of a security couch! Just add a cover for my legs!

  2. What gorgeous pages! I love the green couch, all the texture and layers. You do wonderful journal pages. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. love, love, love! I want a green couch!

  4. Great bubbles! And I love that couch - it looks so comfortable. I'm experimenting with Copics too. Aren't they great?

  5. True...the cozy couch in your comfy does give one the safest feel secured from all the dangers and discomfort that the world outside can provide :)
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment :)

  6. Oh my Dear FRIEND! How I miss your smiling face and you 'not so gentle" touch -grin! I LOVE these two entries... Your journal is an inspiration (and so are you!) Please tell me what is FFF? I want it in MY Life too! and I think you have just inspired me to go start a page in my art journal.... Love Always...

  7. I was lucky enough to see this in person and let me tell is beautiful :) Perfect take on the challenge Janet!!!

  8. Beautiful pages!! I used to have a green couch that was the best for cuddling and snuggling...thanks for the reminder!

  9. I'm not sure how I missed seeing this but I'm glad I just stopped in to visit your blog. I love both of these but the couch is my favorite. Great take on the challenge. My husband has a t-shirt that says - "home is where the couch is." I know he would love your journal page too!