Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections of 2012

 Who planned all these Holidays at the end of the year?
It's.... sooo.....busy!

I do love Christmas though!
The sparkly lights always make me smile.
Family together is the best part.
It was kind of bittersweet this year.
But there is always a 'new normal'.
What is normal, anyways?
Life is still good.

We were not expecting the snowstorm the day after Christmas.
Being Flexible was key! 


I realized that LifeBook 2013 starts Soon! YaY!

So here we are at New Year's Eve Day.
I'm not making resolutions for the next year.
I have daily resolutions!
I want to be Healthy and Strong,
Full of Faith, Love and Purpose,
Being Authentic and True,
Doing the Right thing,
Living a Creative Life.
Being Brave. 

Happy New Year's.
Be Safe out there.


  1. I believe you already have accomplished all those daily resolutions :) Here's to continuing them in 2013 and seeing what other greatness it brings you! You are totally inspiring me to take my journal a different way for 2013!

  2. I'm thinking you need to publish a calendar. Your colors are fabulous and it would be so beautiful!!!! Hope it's the start to a wonderful New Year!