Monday, March 11, 2013

Life Book Week 9

Here is my Week 9 offering in the Life Book lessons. 
Danita was the delightful teacher.
It was a short bonus lesson, but to me a real eye opener.
I have always been interested in painting on top of a printed image.
There was just something about the look...
but me? I want to see it done.
I want the tutorial. I want the visual lesson.
I want to be shown....


I was not happy with it in the beginning.
The face was too miky looking.
And it was really hard to blend.
I don't think I did that great a job of it.
But the practice is done.
It is exciting that there is so much potential with the process!

I love how her blue eyes turned out.
She does look like she is clenching her jaws though! 
I only took one process photo.
 I mean to take more... then I forget.
It is so easy to get lost in art and creativity! 

Be Brave and try something new today!

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