Thursday, August 1, 2013


More stencil inspiration on these pages.
I had dabbed a blue posca pen through the Andrew Borloz
Crossed Rounds and Squares Stencil L159
before I had gone to bed...
and the next day got a new package from StencilGirl Products!
I loved the Circle Play Stencil S075
by Margaret Applin...
so quickly included it in the border and edge.

I love the eyes!

I carried the 'feel' of the Circle Play onto my girl's hair,
without directly 'using' the stencil.

Oh my gosh.
I also fell in love with Jamie Fingal's
 Houses Stencil L167.
I love the textured lines underneath the houses
and used just that element on the edges of this spread.


Last but not least...
Mary Beth Shaw's Gears Stencil L030.
Fun stuff! The big gear looks more like a flower than a gear!
I also used a gear stamp I had carved a long time ago.
They went well together! 
Try something new today!


  1. Your spreads have so much color and just...abandon. I love them! I love the dailies. I am often so limited by my fear of "messing up" that I don't want to freehand numbers or letters or lines or ANYTHING. It can be paralyzing. Thanks for posting. You've inspired me to try something new.

  2. You are a geometric kind of gal aren't you......Marvelous use of all the stencils in your gorgeous spreads. Hope you bring one with you to Create so I can see it in person.....xox

  3. OOOOH! Love the gears...and how you fill in so much with such great and beautiful detail!

  4. For probably a week I've been marvelling at your work, trying to figure out how you do it! I wonder if you could give us a bit of your workflow, please?? Do you use markers? Colored pencils? Whatever it is, it is absolutely luminous.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Lee, I use a watercolor journal (molekines right now, but I will be changing over to something else soon) and anything I have in front of me as tools. I will post on it later. I have an art table that is always there and a journal that is always open... I work any time I am inspired to. Five minutes at a time or an hour, it all depends.... I use pens or markers or Neocolor II's or paint or ephemera. I use inspiration from everywhere. Life is good! I will write a post on it soon. Thanks! Happy Arting to you!

  5. Thanks Janet! I look forward to knowing the details. You are making some of the most colorful and most lovely journals I've seen, and I am always looking at what others create as a source of inspiration.
    Have a wonderful weekend!