Friday, October 11, 2013

Pincushion Gift

Doesn't it look happy?
I have gone on a Fall Quilt Retreat with the same gals for many years.
We have some fun activities that we change up occasionally....
so this is the second year for a secret sister pincushion swap.

designed by Margaret Applin
 I thought this stencil was a good size for a pincushion.
I started with wool and drew the basic shape with an acrylic paint marker.
I went lightly knowing I could fill in details later if I wanted.
I drew Mary's name.
Mary and I met at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.
We both went to try out LongArm Quilt Machines
and ended up buying from the same dealer.
We go Way Back!
Well, Mary loves blue and yellow.

It is just simple stitching..
French Knots in a thick silk thread.
The Chain Stitch in Dazzle Sunny Yellow thread.
A Rosette Chain Stitch in a variegated gold pearl cotton thread.
It was easy to add the sides and a bottom circle.
I stuffed it with a combination of sand, lavendar and wool stuffing.
Its as heavy as a bowling ball!
And it smells nice!

I wanted it more personalized for Mary so I thought
I would make her some custom pins too.
I made the Circle Play stencil out of Shrinky Dinks
since I was playing with them for yesterday's Frame project anyways.
The size was a little big...
so I superglued two flowerhead pins to the back.
I played around with other shapes too.
I liked some and superglued the pins to those also.

Not a bad result considering I didn't really know what direction it would take!

(Shrinky Dinks strike again!)

It's a very happy little (big) pincushion!
I hope Mary likes it!
I will let you know!
Happy Arting!


  1. It is just so cute! Have a great time!

  2. Cute! You are so creative Janet!!! Miss you bunches xoxo

  3. Jan, I LOVE my pincushion bowling ball. LOL
    So cute - you do such awesome work!!!! Thanks! Mary