Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello Friends....
Another dose of Daily! 
I used the center section of Maria McGuire's
and repeated just the dotted line part for two more... 
So versatile!

 This pattern started with the graph paper washi tape
along the center spine to hide the paint bleed from other spreads.
I love patterns.
I look for them wherever I am...
often taking pictures in strange places.

Happy Birthday to my little brother!

 This spread naturally went to the colors of the quilt
I made for my niece, Kelly,
and the baby shower in her honor.

Some spreads are more creative and illustrative than others.
It is what it is.
No excuses.
Life is good.
Happy Arting!


  1. Heavy morning frost is so right! love those shaded tear shapes. xox

  2. Hello Janet. Love all your journal pages and the bright strong colors you use. I'm curious, what size journal are you using and what brand name? Is it a watercolor journal. I think it might be a size that I would possibly be comfortable with. Thanks. Linda E.

    1. Hi Linda. Yes. This size is perfect. Very manageable. Not too intimidating! I use 2 similar sized books...the Moleskine or the Strathmore...they are both about 5"x8". I am finding the Strathmore has a better quality of watercolor paper. So I am buying those exclusively now. Good luck!

  3. What a wonderful journal to share your memories in!