Monday, November 11, 2013

StencilGirl Hop With Foam Board

StencilGirl has Teamed up with Foam Board Express for this hop.
We were asked to design a project
using both Foam Board and StencilGirl Products.

We are making Truth Cards/Scripture Cards in a Ladies Group I belong to
and these girls need something to hold their cards in!
I thought a lightweight little card tray would be perfect!
 First I figured out how big I needed to cut the pieces.
You could make these any size you want really.
I went with 4" x 6.5".
Besides the Foam Board,
I found a box cutter, a metal ruler,
duct tape and tacky glue....
I was ready to start.

The Foam Board is super easy to cut through,
which is good since I need about eight of these trays! 

 Glue and duct tape hold these babies together!
When it is dry and solid you paint it with gesso
for a nice base to work from.

My friend Jackie came over
and we used Heavy Matte Gel with stencils
to give the sides some texture and depth.

Then paint and markers
and any other embellishments you want.
I painted the inside area a nice contrasting color.
Use Mod Podge or a Matte Medium
over the entire surface for an even shine.

Here I used the Gigi Stencil 
by Lizzie Mayne on the back and sides.
A Metallic Gelly Roll pen accented the shapes beautifully. 

by Maria McGuire.
The Metallic Gelly Roll
really pops on the blue background. 
Damask Medium Stencil by Michelle Ward
is one of my all time favorites.
I used it with the Heavy Matte Gel for the depth
and then again with paint when everything was dried. 

 The Crackle Stencil designed by Nathalie Kalbach
gave a huge jolt of texture on this tray.
I rubbed my paint covered fingers
lightly over the top of the relief shapes
Every tray turned out unique and beautiful.

So are you just a little bit curious as to what we are doing?
I learned about Truth Cards through Brave Girls Club.
They offer online art classes and community
as well as Brave Girl Camps in Idaho.
The premise is helping and encouraging each other.
Women Helping Women.
Truth Cards are a tool to help you remember
how precious and beloved we all are.
Here are some I have made in the past... 
Once a month the ladies in our class are making these
as well as Scripture Cards.
They will fill up their Beautiful Trays in no time at all!!!

Well there you have my project.
Beautiful and Useful.
And very lightweight!
Foam Board Express and StencilGirl
are offering a great prize for this hop...
Foam Board Express would like to offer a package of five (5)
of its 20-inch by 30-inch flat display foam boards,
 including one black foam board, one white foam board
and three additional foam board sheets in colors chosen by the winner.
Color choices include: green, red, yellow, dark blue,
 neon yellow, neon orange and neon pink.

StencilGirl is giving away:
Mary Beth's new DVD called: StencilGirl Mixed Media Sampler Journal.
All comments on all blogs are eligible to win.
Combined prize going to one winner.

That is a great Prize!!!!
So go to each of the hop artist's blogs
and comment on all of them
for more chances to win.
Blog Hop Order
Thanks for coming to visit!
Happy Arting my Brave Friends.


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