Sunday, January 19, 2014


You might recognize this from a post over on the StencilGirl Talk Blog.
These are the January exclusive StencilClub Stencils!

Back in December I saw a picture in the newspaper 
of a wide-eyed little face that totally captured me.
I dropped everything, randomly opened my Daily 
to a page towards the back, and drew those sweet little eyes.
I had no idea then that the EYE PAGE 
would fall right at the time my husband had
Lasik eye surgery!
I love those little life quirks!

I layered those blues upon blues in the #10
and when I was happy with the layers, I used Crystal Lacquer
on top for even more depth.

I love the Ted and TedX talks.
Sometimes they are incredibly inspirational!
Sometimes I take notes!

Happy Arting my Friends!

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  1. Really lovely work!!! I love the eyes, and the colors are so wonderful.