Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daily and a Quilt

Hello Art Lovers!
This spread was a treasure trove of OOPS.
I had used a January StencilClub stencil from Jessica Sporn...
and then spilled a whole cup of coffee on the book...
right on top of this spread.
Oh what a mess it made!
The colors all ran together and it was a blob of yuk.
I walked away from it.
It WAS in the back of the book and I didn't have to look at it for awhile!

It seemed like such a waste! I felt bad ignoring it!
So I gessoed over it then accented with some Neocolor II crayons.
You can still see some of the movement from the peacock stencil design underneath.
It looked very 'Monet'.
I still wasn't real happy with it...
so I accepted my imperfections, made it one date,
and moved on.
Not every page is a masterpiece!

But Look! I am just about to the end of  book 11!
My last pages of any of my books
are usually dedicated to practice and scribbles
 and stickers and labels from my days.
I don't always show you those pages...
My daughter doodled a bit, the corner rainbow and the turkey....
And when I receive StencilGirl Stencils in the mail
(this time it was the Articulated Hand Stencil by Pam Carriker)
I usually feel compelled to try it out immediately!
I also tried Pam's Journal Sense Hear Stencil.
I have a hard time with ears! It was good practice!
Fun Fun Fun!

I also want to share a quilt I quilted for my daughter.
It's huge! King Size!
She Pieced it...I Quilted it!
I have very artistic and creative children!

Isn't it beautiful? 

Pick your medium and
Do Something Creative Today!

Happy Arting!


  1. Fabulous. Loose pages for you. Lovely quilt, my favorite colors. King size, now that's a lot of stitching. xox

  2. I love mistakes. They make the best art!

  3. Wow, you do beautiful work. I really love those 'leftover' pages at the back of the book. They remind me of Journal Junkies-style journaling. I can't help but want to see that page with the coffee spilled all over though. ;)

  4. Beautiful quilt. And I like your pages! Especially the treasure trove of oops - I have those too :) and I love it when people share their oops pages so I'm going to follow you. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  5. I love those watery runny colors on the first one, that great hand stencil and the beautiful quilt! The quilt looks like a stained glass window and the quilting is beautiful too!