Friday, February 28, 2014

Documented Life Project

I have managed to work this Documented Life Project  
(hereafter known only as a DLP)
into my Daily Creating.
Every Saturday morning a new art challenge is revealed.
It is open to interpretation so I do as much as I have time for.
I like that it is a small 5"x8" Moleskine Planner,
which travels nicely in my purse.
I keep several Fine Point Sharpies with me
and occasionaly throw in extra markers and colors.
It really is a weekly planner.
So I got rid of my small calendar
and use it to log all appointments and events.  
I pull it out everywhere......
No worries....I am still keeping up with my Daily art! 
What's the difference between my DLP and my Daily??? 
My Daily is a blank canvas waiting for me to Create.
My DLP is a planner that I can capture my year in a creative way.
Both really excite my artistic sensibilities!!!! 
I am not looking to do Masterpieces in either format.
I am still learning to express myself and learn new techniques
and practice my ART! 
I am committed to 'showing up' in a creative way...every day. 
I even use StencilGirl Stencils in my DLP!
Imagine that!!!
Happy Arting my Friends!


  1. Sweet. I see some Rubbermoon goodies in there, xox

  2. So inspiring, Janet!
    Love the collage of postage stamps in there! :)

  3. everything is so beautiful. But Janet where to you fine the time to do all that you accomplish?