Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daily and Pizza Soup

Hey There!
This probably looks familiar.
Parts of this were featured on the StencilGirl Talk blog on Tuesday.
But here is the whole thing.... 
I would just like to say that the Pizza Soup at my local mom & pop restaurant
is the BEST soup in the world!
It's meaty and spicy and all around YUM!
The waitresses at Kinsey's Korner Restaurant in Atwater, Ohio
know to call me on my cell to tell me when it is served.
Yes. I am that kind of customer!

I am trying out some new StencilClub stencils here...
but I will have to tell you about them later.... 

And here is where I am starting my travels 
for a Soul Comfort Retreat in Idaho.
More on that wonderful experience next time!
I might have to bore you with my western adventure travelogue!
...Here is the view out my hotel window....
....Here is my slide of a heart rock next to the river....
....Here is a picture of my feet in the quilt shop....
....Here is a picture of us sitting on a bus....

Take an adventure today!!!
Happy Arting Friends!

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