Saturday, March 15, 2014

Documented Life Project

I went and did it!
I did surgery on my DLP and gave it the expansion it needed.

I cut it in a couple different places and doctored it up with
glue and washi tape and fabric tape and duct tape.
I hope I didn't ruin the structure and strength.
I dotted glue along the threads I cut and taped it in many places.
I started some pages in the back with another online course I am doing....
So I really needed to make this baby bigger!
(But....It is not too big to carry in my purse yet.)

The challenge for Week 11 was to put a bird on it.
Pretty wide open for interpretation! 
I love my Bluebird of Happiness!
I live on a farm with some wide open spaces.
It is good habitat for the many bluebirds who live here with us! 

I used all kinds of medium on this bluebird page...
Acrylic Paints, markers, gel pens, glaze pens, souffle pens, sharpies.

I want to use more of what I already have in this project...
So I looked through my ephemera and found stamps and stickers to add.
The Big Bird is from my nephew's first birthday party we went to a couple weeks ago.
The old stamps are from my wonderful mail carrier, Mike.
The stickers are from scrapbooking many moons ago. 
Yes. I carry my DLP in my purse and pull it out 
to doodle in
or check dates in 
or open to my prayer journal pages
or write notes from class in
or remind me of the blessings in my life.
It is a true chronicle of my life right now.

My DLP makes me happy.

Happy Arting to you!


  1. Fantastic! This page is so happy. Love the little bicycle!

  2. Great birds, all of them. Great eagle stamp. WE saw one this year on the pond for the first time.....Happiness is your documented life project. xox

  3. I love the way your cover turned out, and I am enjoying your pages. I just signed up, yesterday, for DLP. It's kind of late, and I'm such a newbie at this kind of stuff so we'll see how it goes. Have a great day. Linda E.

  4. Oh Janet! What size is your purse? Your idea for making more room for your signatures is great