Friday, March 21, 2014

Wild Chevrons Two

Yesterday I was on the StencilTalk Blog with this Art Journal Spread,
spotlighting Andrew Borloz's Chevron Small Stencil.
Well.... Anyone who knows me 
knows I have a difficult time doing just ONE of anything!
My 'job' was to use this chevron stencil and I kept my eyes open
for MANY ways to use that stencil.
Yes...some ideas came and went...
but this is a really cool stencil....
and it has SO much potential!!! 
I know that Chevron popularity is at an all time high...
but I loved chevrons when chevrons weren't so cool!
I had begun this #14 Daily Journal cover last fall...
I know..I know...I just started using my #13 Daily this week...
but I always try to stay ahead of the game.
Less stress that way. 
Does it look at all familiar? 
Here is a hint...Look at the dimension.....
 Remember the Xyron Hop from October 2013?
This is the same technique I used on those previous covers.
I used their Half Inch Double Sided Tape and embossed it...
Then built the cover up from there.

I guess I had the green and yellow thing going on in my head!
I stamped and scribbled and colored and played till I decided it was done!
I love it!

 And then there is my Daily!

I think every stencil I own has been used somewhere in my Daily pages!
Obviously this is from my St. Patrick's Day Spread.
I love orange, green and purple together. 

Every day is one day closer to warmer weather!
Happy March!
Happy Arting!

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  1. great work! would love to win those stencils thanks