Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here we are to the last couple days of March and the beginning of April. 
designed by Carolyn Dube on this spread. 

The next spread in my Daily......
I was still experimenting with Carolyn's clock stencil...
There was a small section that looked like the base of a flower.... 
So the colors here needed to scream Springtime!

Then when I received the next Rubbermoon MoonMail Club stamp of sparkly stars....
I knew they would make excellent flowers too! 
More soft Springtime colors were needed!
Pinks, Oranges, and Greens seemed appropriate. 


Happy Birthday DEE!

I have a whole pile of doily stencils 
designed by Maria McGuire on my table.
I used the Teardrop Doily on this one.
I hope you are having a creative day!

Happy Arting!


  1. This journal is just amazing!!! So bold, vibrant, and extremely beautiful!!

  2. Your journal is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and lovely. I feel inspired to do one myself! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What do you use to get such vibrant colors? This is beautiful.

  4. The doodling added to the clock is beyond beyond cool!! I love that you see so many possibilities in every line and curve - and it shows by your creativity in your daily journaling!!