Thursday, May 29, 2014

Documented Life Project

Here is Week 20 of my DLP journal.
The challenge was to use a stamp a different way.
This was hard because I use stamps all the a lot of different ways.

So before I get to the rest of is the front of my flap.
I received a mother's day card from 
a very special young lady and I wanted to include it.
I washi taped it and brightened it up for my planner.
I love it!
Here it is with the flap closed...

And here it is with the flap laying open....

I love this Grace stamp from Paperbag Studios...
She is done in my usual method of stamping on tissue paper 
 and then glued down with matte medium or mod podge.

Grateful here is a Stampin' Up stamp that I turned into a paper button.
It's been a LONG time since I made a pile of Paper Buttons...
so if you want to know how you will have to Google it! 
The orange flower on the page is also a paper button.

Whenever I make something I am not happy with, I usually paint right over it.
I MADE myself leave this girl in there.
It was hard.
But I have painted over way too many 'not so perfect' figures in my books
and I am thinking I just need to leave them where they lay.
Just grit my teeth and turn the page.
I am just learning with everyone else.....sigh....

I came across something that said ...the sky's the limit... 
and those words were stuck in my head all week. 
Which is why the girl/angel above has flying lessons written on her.

I did go into my supplies and dig out some stamps I have not used in a long time.

The yellow border stamp is different.
It is hand carved from an eraser and  stamped with paint.

There is an amazing DLP FaceBook page online.
I was inspired by many of them.
My last example was directly from there.
I wish I could remember who....but several gals used 
alphabet stamps to make flowers and borders because that's all they had.
I used a letter V to make the above border.

It's been fun! 
Happy Arting y'all!


  1. Paper buttons, now I shall head to google to see what's what. Your owl is most charming and you are certainly not in need of flying lessons on these pages. Wings are evident. xox

  2. Love your planner! So awesome! Wish we could sit together and create in our planners! One day. Hugs and Love!

  3. That OWL--oh my! and I'm so glad you did not paint over that girl!!!! NEVER do that--your work is too amazing for that!