Saturday, June 7, 2014

Documented Life Project

Here is Week 21 of my Documented Life Project.
I am not sure what possessed me to use orange and green as my main colors.... 
It is just something different.
Every page can't be blue and green I guess!
The challenge was to use embroidery floss.
I have lots of that!
My sunshine is the RubberMoon Mail Club stamp from April.
She is all neon and happy!

The flower is a stencil from the June StencilGirl StencilClub offering.
As is the stitch line dividers and the "loop-de-loos".

In my ephemera collection I found an old handwritten recipe from my grandma.
It was written on the back of her bank deposit slip.
I copied the side with her name to include on these pages.
I did it on a regular old copy machine with regular old paper.
And since the challenge was embroidery floss,
I found some great polky dot fabric in my stash.
I did simple stitches then glued it down with mod podge.
I guess I was feeling nostalgic thinking about my grandma...
I wrote in treasure every moment as a last thought.

Week 21...Over and Out.

Happy Arting. 


  1. I'm not sure why you put the colors together but I can tell you it looks FANTASTIC!!! If anyone is gong to stitch on their pages it would be YOU!!! Absolutely LOVE!!!!

  2. This looks great! Love how you used the fabric and glued it down.

  3. Oh you are singing my song with that orange and the stitching is sublime. xox