Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let's Be Real....

***knock knock***
Is this the room Craft Hoarder's Anonymous is meeting?
Thanks. Can I come in?
Hello. My name is Janet and I am a Craft Hoarder.
I can't help myself. 
I store things for a rainy day.
I collect things.
I might need it someday.
What if my green marker ran dry? 
I would need another just like it.
I am a craft hoarder.
If I have 10 rolls of washi tape, I am sure 20 rolls would be better.

Of course I need that scrap of paper.
Of course I have six different kinds of glue.

 I make messes.
I use it all.
I know where everything is...mostly.
I go through parts of it once in awhile...
just to see what I have.
It's always a nice surprise when I open that red drawer 
and find exactly what I need for a project!
There are calm spots in the midst of it all.
Moments of Ahhhh....
I have to have a big room because I have so many interests.

I am organized...Really I am.

I DO finish a lot of projects. Really I do.

All kidding aside.....
This peak into my workspace is in anticipation of a StencilGirl Hop coming up!
Join me Monday and all week long as the StencilGirl Creative Team joins 
Craft Hoarders Anonymous to show some great projects....
Some great Messy projects!

Till then, Happy Arting!


  1. You have me beat...It looks like an art store! ha-ha!

    1. Hi Sue, I don't have nearly all the supplies I hear everyone talking about! I WISH I had an art store!

  2. When did you come to my house and takes pictures of my studio? I am sorry but I need choices therefore I need product, lots of products. My son says I need an intervention, my husband calls me a hoarder.....but I am the one having all the fun!

    1. See? I am not the only one!!! I SO agree! I need CHOICES! We could fill a stadium!

  3. I need to ask you something! I LOVE your art work but I do not even know where to begin when I try to create something like your pages. Do you stencil/ draw everything first on a page and then start filling in with markers? Or paint? Do you watercolor the page first and then stencil everything in and then start coloring? I am a confused want to be! Lol. Help!!!!!

    1. Well, you start out with a blank page and look at it for awhile! My philosophy is just do something! Make a mark. Add a color. Do a doodle.... Anything to get it started. I have heard that if you want to be a writer then I have adopted this...If I Want to Be an Artist, Then I must DO ART! Don't Talk about it. Do it. Take a class. Make a mess. Do a doodle. Make a pattern. Sketch an object. Just Do Something! And Have Fun while you are at it!

  4. Too funny. Love all those goodies everywhere. Not so fun packing up mine, believe you me. xox

  5. Love you Corrine! How far are you moving? All your friends can come over and grab a car full! Easy Peasy! xoxo

  6. Janet, too much like me and several friends. Need everything, use everything, too many interests! Yes! I have several organized neat friends who have decided one or two things to focus on. They don't have as much stuff. I admire them but just can't do it!

    1. Hi Dee. It drives one of my daughter's just crazy! She starts projects and finishes them! Yes, I admire the focus....I guess I just enjoy the process too much... Art is just way too much fun!!

  7. totally loved this realistic post today...thanks for the chuckle!

  8. I am so jealous of all your stuff!!!