Monday, August 18, 2014

Recent Quilts

 I wanted to show you some of my recent customer quilts.

Go check out Kori's quilt shop..Olive Grace Studios.
For a real treat go visit her if you live in Northeast Ohio.
Her shop used to be a one room schoolhouse!
Really unique!

Kori is beginning to develop her own patterns.
These two are her inaugural designs.
The green fer quilt above is called Camden.
This one below is the Kori and Abbie Quilt.

 This doggie quilt is near and dear to my heart.
My daughter pieced it and quilted part of it...
 I finished the quilting.....and she bound the edges.
 It's for her first first grand baby!
Due any day now.......

The dimensional ears are all lined with different textural fabrics....
wools, velvets, velveteens....

 These two Beautiful appliqued quilts are made by the same woman..
all cottons, wools and flannels.

And my most recent client quilt from one of my California girls... 
This is a Sue Spargo Flowerbed Quilt pattern done in mostly wool..

 Lovely. All of them.
Hope you enjoyed them. 

Happy Arting!


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilting. You inspire me!

  2. I love the Kori & Abbie quilt, Mom... beautiful quilting! (I want one!!)

  3. My goodness-so much beauty! Quilts are truly works of art. I loooove the quilt for your new grand baby!

  4. They are all so rich and beautiful. Love them pups. How exciting new babies everywhere. xox

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome quilts. It makes me want to get back into it. I have so much fabric a whole room full which I am sure you can identify with.. LOL. I love all of them and your fabric choices.