Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Documented Life Project

Another DLP catch up session!
The challenge for week 28 was to use a small photo.
I was on a Sisters Getaway this week
at a wonderful B&B in Dresden, Ohio.
A FABULOUS place that I recommend highly!
Really...I didn't bring any photos when I packed my things...
I was able to use one that one of my sister's didn't use in her scrapbook layout.

I really DO use a lot of blues and greens in my work!

We did a little sightseeing at Roscoe Village and I found some shower gifts for the new baby.
Every child needs a Clifford the Big Red Dog!
Mostly we hung out at theB&B and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves!

I found some hand crafted bracelets at a really reasonable price, too, and used the tags.
I had taken a small pile of stencils with me...not sure what I would be working on...
I am glad I did! I used the July 2014 StencilClub stencils for the second week in a row!

Gosh....I do love summer!

I used an app called Pencil Sketch Collage to turn my family photo into this sketch.
You remember I had to get a new computer because lightning fried mine???

^These are my hearts.^

My wish list is pretty simple really......
Happy Arting! 
Do something creative today!

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