Saturday, October 11, 2014

DLP Weeks 34, 35 & 36

Week 34 challenge was issued on August 16.
This is the day my first grand baby was due...
as well as my anniversary! 
The challenge itself was to use numbers that related to my week.

Of course it turned out to be baby related! 
4 hours and 232 miles.
Those are important numbers to me right now!

I was hoping to be able to add birth details...pounds, ounces, length, etc...
But no such luck...

We were all kind of hoping baby would have been born on Aug. 18..
the birth date of the grandma he will never know...
except in stories and photos.

How sweet!

Week 35. Draw a face......
Baby Caleb decided to be born on August 28.

Not sure why I didn't do anything to the outside of that flap.
Maybe I will yet. We'll see.

I didn't draw a face or alter this one in any way!
Just me and my grand baby.

Week 36 is the black and white challenge.

This was simple doodling and zentangling and washi tape ...
Perfect, since I was spending time away from home and all my supplies.

I will take as much time as I can for snuggling that baby!

I like this B&W challenge.

Happy Arting to you!


  1. Congratulations Janet on your new grand baby. He's beautiful!

  2. So adorable that photo of you and Caleb. You will have many hoirs docu,enter ng this precious life. Way to go Grand,a. Love the black and white too. xox