Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Color Burst Experiment

I want to show you another experiment I did with Ken Oliver Crafts 
Color Burst Paints.

I wanted to play with a resist and the clear Liquid Glass is just what I needed.
I brushed the Liquid Glass through the stencil onto the white paper.

I went with the rainbow colors of Color Burst Paints around the page
since it was all experimentation and I didn't have a firm objective.

With the first layer dry I started round two.
I loosely outlined some of the shapes and drew the circles and dots in 
with the great tip on the liquid glass' bottle.

I painted another layer of green over this olive color.
It really made the yellow dots pop out

This is a BEFORE photo....
 This is the AFTER photo....

See how the Liquid Glass sat on TOP of the paper and did not soak into the fibers?

Instead of repelling the Color Burst Paint it trapped it underneath.

When the Liquid Glass product went IN to the paper fibers 
it DID give a resist ..... like the light colored dots below.

Practice and play...oh yeah!

It's always fun to play with your paints!
Have fun!