Monday, August 19, 2013

My Collage Journey in Vermont

Rupert, Vermont.

I took a workshop with the wonderful Jane Davies.
It took place in her local Rupert, Vermont Volunteer Fire House.

Me and Jane in the wheel....
 Class was great.
I learned so much.

 Jane is a very talented woman and communicates art very well.
She would demonstrate an idea for us....
then give us parameters to work in....
 and let us loose.
The first half day we made a paper stash with gelli plates.
 Jane wanted us to have a rainbow of colors on hand when we started collaging.
The second day we collaged.
Jane made it look so easy.
Me?....not so much.

Lynn and I roomed in the same guest house a couple miles down the road.
We ended up as table mates too.

 We also did Big Fat Art.... BFA.
It was a little different than the collage...
but we used the same ideas and rules.
(The brayer is my new friend!)

It was a great experience.
I am glad I went.

I met some wonderful people.
We had a good time!

And of course the week wouldn't be complete
without Axel bringing us down some of his Maple Syrup.
Thanks to Jane and my classmates!
It was wonderful!


  1. Seems so strange, everything set up around those fire engines! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. Wow, didn't know you did a Jane Davies workshop. Pretty special. I love her too, we will have to talk! xox

  3. I'm glad you went, too! It was great (except for the prezzie from the cats). Hope we can do it again next year.