Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frame It Up Stencil Test Drive

Welcome to another Jessica Sporn Stencil Test Drive!
I have used Jessica Sporn's Frame stencil
(Frames Sporn Stencil L181)
in my Daily and in my Teach Book several times.
In an effort to mix it up a little
I thought of a way to make jewelry
with some retro....
Shrinky Dinks!

I used the rough side of the plastic
and StazOn Ink...
and sponged a few frames till I got the size I wanted.
from the Unity Stamp Company on the shiny front side.
Important......Stazon Ink will dry and not rub off here.
But don't touch it while wet!!!! Let it dry!
Markers gave the back, rough side an aged look.
(they will darken when they shrink)
Don't forget to make a hole if you want to hang them.
A regular size hole punch shrinks to the perfect size. 

You can shrink them the traditional way in the oven
following the directions on the package...
But I don't usually do anything traditionally.
I whipped out my trusty heat gun and tweezers.
Yes. It works.
Just heat it slowly.....
and make sure you have ventilation in the room.
(Open the window)

Remember that Shrinky Dinks shrink!
They go from THIS size..................   To THAT size.........
in a matter of minutes!

Add some o rings.....

String them up.....

See them shine.....
There you have it....
Ready to wear.

Make Something Beautiful!
Now go see what the other Hop Artists did with Jessica's Frame stencil! 
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  1. That's one dramatic bracelet! Love the way you've used the frames for this. Jenny x

  2. Hello Janet, so wonderful to be able to come across you in blogger-land! Love what you have created with the stencils...the bracelet is very elegant and just as Buttons says up there...dramatic. I so enjoyed visiting you toady...may you have a wonderful week! Cheers!

  3. Great idea! Beautiful bracelet!

  4. Love your unusual take on the test drive. Another great example of this stencils versatility!

  5. Oh my I must try this ASAP! Thank you so much for your creativity and participating in the test drive! Xoxo

  6. Hi Janet- this is a most creative way to make such a lovely bracelet-I haven't used shrinky dink in ages! I love the way the frames surround the words on the charms.

  7. What a great idea - I love your bracelet!

  8. What a fun piece of art and now jewelry. Thank you, Janet

  9. Lovely idea! I love the stamped sentiments you chose as well.

  10. that bracelet but not sure if the charms would get in my way while crafting. LOL Just gorgeous!

  11. So gorgeous, Janet!
    You are an art genius!!

  12. yes definitely clever.
    I must try this shrinky dink stuff. It sure did shrink alot! love it

  13. Wow! Art on your wrist. I've never seen shrink dinks before...thanks for introducing me. Great idea for using that stencil.

  14. That's so lovely! Shrink plastic is great.

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  16. Gorgeous jewellery Janet! I love shrink plastic & these corners shrink to the perfect size. Thanks for sharing. X

  17. Very sophisticated Shrinky Dinks. Love the color choice.

  18. Wow! I never would have thought of that! Great use of the frame stencil.

  19. stunning use of the stencil..wonderful bracelet!

  20. I have some of that shrink plastic - what a fantastic way to make frames! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love the frame stencil and love all the projects you have created with the stencil.

  22. LOVE this! Such a clever idea with beautiful results! xoxo

  23. What a special bracelet and creative way to use the stencil!!! :)