Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mermaid Madness

Okay Friends! It's Mermaid Madness time in StencilGirl Land!
Three new Mermaid Stencils were released last month
and the Creative Team was excited to participate in a blog hop amongst ourselves.

We were each randomly sent one mermaid stencil.
Then it was Ready, Set, GO!

I was excited to try Shrinky Dinks with my Love Mermaid Stencil
designed by Cathy Nichols.

I shrunk the design down on my copier by 50%.
The size was more manageable for the shrink factor in Shrinky Dinks.

I was hooked on coloring these on the Shrinky Dink plastic.
I used markers and colored pencils.
Before I cooked them I punched a hole in each hair decoration 
so they can have jump rings added or be strung up somehow.

In the oven, they wanted to fold over on themselves.
I had more control if I did 2 at a time and tweezered them into 
submission by snipping and flattening as stealthily as possible while still hot.
You can see one of the mermaids tails snapped off.

I had fun stringing them up for different purposes.
One gal needed to be hanging in my Pollyanna window.

I didn't even know that movie, Pollyanna, had left such a big impression in my childhood mind
until I flipped through channels recently. 
I came across the scene where she discovers the crystals that spread rainbows
 into grouchy Mrs. Snow's room.

Wow! I've been collecting crystals and shiny objects for the last fifteen years!
That sweet little mermaid blends right in!

I love that these mermaids are holding hearts close to their chests
with their eyes closed and a little smile on their face.

Some are hung on ribbons for bookmarks.
Some are hung on chains as necklaces for my granddaughter and great niece.

Then I made some faux seashells out of air dry paper clay.
I pressed in pearls and buttons and the mermaid while it was soft.
After it was firm and set I glued those shapes down onto the 'seashell'. 
Super lightweight for a window? On your car mirror? On your Christmas tree?

I had been looking for a place to add that quote...

Comment to win by noon CST on July 16, 2017.

Here are the participating blogs! 
Have Fun!

>> Janet Joehlin <<

 Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a mermaid.
Then always be a mermaid!


  1. I adore the idea of shrinky dinks! What a darling concept and you made such beauty!

  2. OMG Janet I love those little charms, I may have to find some shrinky dink plastic and make one for my journal. So much gorgeous work here!!!

  3. I love shrink dinks. I don't do it often enough, this will definitely motivate me! Love them.

  4. Wow, just love this idea! Gotta try that, just Mer~mazing!

  5. how cute ..shrinkie mermaids with crystals catching the light ... & the sea shells are terrific .. love that Quote ...

  6. Love the Shrinky Dinks. They would be perfect for planners and travelers notebooks.

  7. Awesome idea! Beautiful work! Love all your mermaids! 💕💕💕

  8. wow, this is a fabulous idea! I have to make me some!!

  9. Love the shrinky-dinks. I have the
    plastic - should get it out and play
    with it. Painting rocks seems to
    be a new "trend". The mermaids
    would be good for that too. Love
    your clay shells.
    thanks for sharing.

  10. How creative!! I used shirnky dinks with my grandchildren. What awesome projects. Thanks for sharing...

  11. Thank you for the chance to win one of these amazing mermaid stencils! Can't wait to try them out. Email address is sarah (at)sarahdonawerth (dotcom).

  12. That is a totally cool way to make sun catchers and they came out amazing. I have to try the shrink dinks.

  13. These pretty ornaments are a fabulous idea! I'm delighted you've shown us a special way of using stencils -- many thanks!

  14. How fun! I adore ShrinkyDinks!! Your window full of crystals is amazing, thanks so much for sharing this idea.

  15. Totally love these mini mermaids- how creative!!!! Janisgraham(at)yahoo for com

  16. Oh so sweet and wonderful!!! And that quote - perfect!!! garciacoach (at)gmail (dot)com

  17. Your shrinky dink mermaids are beautiful and there are so many fun possibilities for them! Would be great to share in happy mail too !

  18. Your mini-mermaids were my favorites. They can be used in so many ways. They would be adorable hanging from a lampshade, in a little girls mermaid themed bedroom. krassnerjl(at)aol(dot)com

  19. I am so so thrilled with these mermaid stencils. Thank you Jessica Sporn. Love love love mermaids! The entire team made such beautiful art. Thank you.

  20. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your fun creations made with shrinky dink mermaids!! They came out beautifully! So many possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. I've been playing a lot with Shrinky Dinks lately. So much fun. Your mermaids look awesome.

  22. Love the shrink charms and the intensive color after shrinking, nice.

  23. Ok this is by far my most favorite use of the stencils. Shrinky-dinks! Who would have thought. They are beautiful and they variety of uses that you found for them is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Okay, this was truly amazing and fun. I love the shrinky dink idea and OH MY GOODNESS do I love your Pollyanna window. Each of your mermaids have their own personality and you created so many different things to use them for. I will confess that I am totally in love with the seashell and the fact that each can be hung up with that amazing quote!! I do love that quote and this is the kind of project I'd adore. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I love things that shine and sparkle as well... and you've combined all of that here. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas for these stencils. I'm crushing on them as well as your creations. ❤❤❤ ( boley_1 (at) yahoo dot com )

  25. Ooh wow! Love the shrinky dink mermaids - so cool! xxx

  26. I love shrinky dinks!!! The mermaids are so cute! I would love to win a stencil to try out myself...

    Commanda (dot) Walden at gmail (dot com)

  27. I am enamoured with your mermaid designs with the shrinks dinks. Can you please tell me what type of shrinks dink you used? Frosted or clear and was it specifically shrinks dink brand or a different brand? TIA. Love your work. mimidragonquilts at yahoo dot com