Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Night

So here is what I am working on recently. I have had a couple client quilts on which are intense custom. I am only showing a section on the back since my customer hasn't seen it yet. They are beautiful quilts and they are taking quite a bit of time. All my background work and borders are done and just the details are left. But I needed to take it off the machine tonight.....

Yesterday afternoon I took a 'field trip' with three of my friends to a wonderful little quilt shop about an hour away. We had a fabulous time. I was fascinated with the little humpety bumpety quilt I saw in a book. It wouldn't let me quit thinking about it. I finally sketched it up so it would leave me alone. And I might even one day make it into a little quilt! That is one thing I love about art journaling everyday. I can throw thoughts and colors on a page, try a new technique, experiment with new products, or repeat a motif that haunts me! Anything goes and I can spend as long or as little as I have time for!

And lastly on tonight's agenda....and the reason I took my client quilts off the machine... My sweet Laura is home tonight (well, so is my baby boy but he is not in here sewing with us!) and she is working hard on the longarm. She is at the age where many of her friends are starting families. Her specialty is 'I Spy' quilts and she needs three next week! Actually she is in town because we have a wedding shower in the morning for Emily, my son's lovely fiancee'.

Life is good.
Keep on being Brave dear hearts...


  1. Gorgeous, Janet!!! Your work is fabulous and I really like seeing a peek of your studio!

  2. Maybe I will do a studio tour later on down the road!