Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Normal

August 25, 2012
Russell and Emily

Beautiful weather for an outdoor wedding.
The Groom with his Dad and his Grandpa.
The Sweet Bride, Emily.
My oldest girl Laura is the far left and my girl Amy is the far right.
He is my baby.
It was just yesterday we sang songs together.
I balled when he walked me to my seat in the front row.
It was an exciting few weeks and I am treasuring the memories.
I Love My Family.
Life goes by so fast. If you blink you miss it. 
So Be Brave and Live Each Moment.
I hope now I can get back to work!


  1. Oh Janet...what a beautiful wedding! Your kiddos are handsome and beautiful just like their Mom (and Dad)! Hugs!!!

  2. Beautiful wedding, beautiful children, beautiful you-----so glad the weekend was so sweet.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! The happiness beams from the these photos!!

  4. Such a beautiful day..I can't imagine getting back to normal after such a wonderful day!

  5. Oh my! I just discovered your website. I'm a new Spargonian:). I am wiping the tears from my eyes after reading the above posts. You truly do love your family. I can feel it. Thanks for the morning good vibes.


    PS - i will look u up when I finish my Earth & Twigs top:)