Friday, August 31, 2012

Same But Different

Carol's Quilt

 See What I Mean?
 They are the same.... Yet Different.
Carol added a wider border
with an extra scallop.
And an extra corner motif.
Midge's Quilt
I use regular chalk to mark with.

 Midge stayed closer to the designer's original plan...
but every stitcher used different combinations of stitches...
or different quantity of stitches.
If I had taken
a photo of the same block
times all 8 of the same quilts...
they would all look different.

It is interesting, as I do these Block of the Month
Imperial Bloom quilts,
To see how these individual women
make these quilts their own unique pieces of art.
Same but Different.

To answer a few questions....
I use a simple pants hanger from the local
discount store and the clamps that
came on the machine
to stretch the quilt backing
to avoid pleats and tucks on the back.
The yardstick lifts it to help me not bump into it.

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