Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am able to take that second floor challenge from Balzer Designs blog.
I have been following Julie on and off for a few years.

This is how I started....

And I realized it was way too easy.... not a challenge at all.
This is what I usually use.
So I pulled out some different supplies...
more scary ones.

 This was interesting.
I liked the challenge but I don't like deadlines.
I knew I needed to do it quickly if it was to be a true challenge for me.
It was fun to just grab some colors and put them together.
I did it.
I like it.
What I have learned about Art Journaling in general?
Art is just practice.
It is just DOING it.
It is NOT thinking about it or talking about it.
It is getting your hands messy in whatever medium you choose...
and just doing it.
Go ahead and make mistakes.
Go ahead and do the same thing over and over again.
Learn from everything you do.
And let it be fun.
That is what I have learned.

It takes courage to make mistakes.
So Be Brave and Just Do It!


  1. This is awesome, Janet! Thank you so much for joining us! Loved your thoughts on what you learned! Janet, I totally messed up and instead of just clicking on your link for the submission - I accidentally deleted your submission. The wonders of being an admin for this! I do apologize ! Could you add it maybe again so that others will be able to see your awesome post too? Sorry again! Have a gorgeous day and big artsy hugs :) Nat

  2. I love your pages, but I have to say... I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. What an inspiration!!!! Thank you, dear lady!

  3. Great challenge and lessons learned. Super advice.