Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week on My Table

 It's Wedding Week at our house.
I have started cleaning my studio so we can entertain guests.
I'm not sure how many will be staying with us,
but there is no doubt
at least one air mattress will be set up on my studio floor.
It is very exciting!
My last child is marrying a very sweet girl.
I don't know how much time I will be able to put towards my art work....
For sure my quilting for customers has slowed down the last few weeks.
And my Art Journaling for arts sake has suffered.
But not my Daily.
I cannot stop my Daily Journal.
It has become a part of me. 
If I couldn't do my Daily I might shrivel up and die.
No, not really...
But I feel it is That Important to my mental health.......

 So wish my household well.
Weddings are a big job.
And being the Mother of the Groom
is a lot easier than being the Mother of the Bride.
That's where I was last year!

Do What You Love,
And Love What You Do, Brave Ones.


  1. I love your journalling! I'm trying but have only managed a couple of days.

    Enjoy the wedded bliss and wonderful loving energy that will flow through your home and around you :)

  2. Hope it's a wonderful, memorable, joyous occasion for all involved this week, Janet!!!!
    Your journal is lovely and I bet it has come in handy during these pre-wedding days!