Thursday, September 20, 2012

Altered Brush Project

I was looking for a different artistic challenge
and I came across Donna Downey's Altered Brush Project.
I read Donna's blog often and am yearning to go to her studio for a class.
I ordered a paintbrush from her and it came right before my son's wedding.
It got put away for awhile.
My goal for this was to just have fun...
and to FINISH it!
I wanted it to reflect art.
I have become more confident in myself...
am trying to be content with who I am...
my abilities...  my talents....
what I have to offer.
I am finding my voice... my style.
So that is what I did.
acrylic paint outlines...
Copic Markers...
Gesso on top...
Pitt Markers, other markers, Neocolor II crayons, Gel pens...
 I kept adding layer after layer of colors,
 sometimes spray varnishing in between.
I was looking for depth in my background.
I wanted rich, intense looking color.
It was challenging.
You know I hate deadlines!

My brush could be described more as a
decorated' brush as opposed to an 'altered' brush.
But I was true to myself!
 Thank you Donna, that was fun!
Go to her Pinterest page to see the whole collection.
They are all fun!


  1. It's so pretty! I love the rich vibrant colors and enjoyed watching it come to life through your pictures!

  2. Oh..what a great project!!!! Love how you put your stamp on it!

  3. Your brush is gorgeous! Love the depth of color! I need to go work on mine!

  4. I love your brush - colorful and whimsical - which is how you come across too!

  5. What a fun brush!!! How cool that you are on her wall!

  6. Your brush is amazing. I love the colours and the depth! I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog now that I've discovered your work. : )