Friday, September 21, 2012

Art Journaling

 This is Why I LOVE art journaling
and why I feel it saved me from.... myself.
I can express myself.
I have an outlet to say what I want.
Yesterday I felt really Off.
I didn't want to do that today.
I declared it in my art journal and it was so!
 And here are a few glimpses into my trusty daily journal.

Happy Birthday Shawn!

 This is a page I did last spring.
Again, a Great way to get out those frustrations!
 And I mentioned before about taking Brave Girl Art School.
It is wonderfully fun.
And the FaceBook page associated with the class
 is very inspiring!
There is a lot of diversity and talent there.
My first layer of collage paper.

The finished collage.
This is the Funky Flower Collage I did.

I actually hung this on my studio wall.
It really makes me Happy when I see it.
Love, Love, Love my Brave Girl Family.


  1. Wow - I love all your art journal pages. The first one has so many interesting marks and shapes. And you daily journal is so saturated with all those great colors and tangles. I'm in love! I have to check out the Brave Girl classes. So much great work coming from there...

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Glad you were able to journal out your 'off' feeling :)

  3. Fabulous art journal pages!! And I LOVE your funky flower collage-I can see why it makes you happy! Well done!

  4. So F.U.N.!!!!!! You go, Janet!!

  5. Isn't that the magic of art journaling! Love all your pages!