Friday, September 7, 2012

Daily Journal

 Brave Girl Art School
began this week.
The first class is funky flowers
and the first exercise was just drawing flowers.
Very enjoyable and very relaxing.
Kind of like zendoodling,
very meditative.
The next exercise is to make a funky flower collage.
Very Fun!
Go here to sign up:
And then there are my Dailies.
  Some days I write more... some less. 

 I have done more quilting than art the last few days.
I have a list of custom wools haunting me.
I quilt part time for ladies who send me their quilt tops.
I load them on my Gammill Classic Plus
and make them come alive!
My quilt business is thriving.
I figured I better do some catch up...
so I can play hooky a day or two next week.
I began this Folklore quilt this week.
 This belongs to a woman in California.

Be Brave.


  1. This is all fabulous! Love the flowers, the journal pages, and your art quilts!

  2. Congrats on the doodling.... the flowers are pretty darn intricate and entrancing like you said... reminiscent of zendoodling! My hat is off to you on that as I just never seem to be good at it! Now, the art quilt? I adore the colors you chose. All I can say is WoW!!

  3. Hi C and K, Thank you so much for the kind words on my art. I sure love doing it! But to Clarify on the quilt..... Yes I also do wool applique quilts, similar to the one shown, But this is Not My Quilt! I quilt for customers on my Gammill Longarm Quilt Machine. This particular quilt, Folklore, Is from a customer in California. I balance my life between God, Family, Art and Quilting. My quilt business is called Fancy Meandering. Thanks again for the kind words, and I will try to be more clear in future posts as to what are MY quilts and what are my customer quilts.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful!! Your spreads are full of such lovely colors and doodles and your quilt looks gorgeous!! You're very creative and talented.

  5. Wow! Wow! You quilt, you carve stamps, you do gorgeous art! Thank you for visiting and yes, that little daisy is a stamp! It's abou an inch big...little. Your work is amazing....kathy

  6. Your quilting is magnificent...and the journaling is too!

  7. The flowers remind me of zentangling too. Very cute! :)