Friday, September 14, 2012


 I really have been busy doing other things this week...
but I always try to have a book or two open
so I can keep a finger in the mess.
It's a beautiful mess!
My Daily IS worked on daily but I didn't get photos this week.

Mostly I have been quilting for my customers.
This Folklore quilt was finished this afternoon.
It really turned out lovely.
And the next wool customer quilt is ready to go on the machine.
 And I just wanted to add these on the bottom.
I want to keep working on faces....
I spent a day last spring with Kelly Rae Roberts' book,
Taking Flight,
open in front of me trying to learn her technique.
It was fun.
I have so much to learn about incorporating them into my journals.
Heck, I have so much to learn, Period.
 That's my week in Art, my friends.
Keep trying new things.
Learn to Flourish.
And Be Brave.


  1. Great pages! I like the way the style of flowers and leaves on the quilt has made it on to your journal pages. The quilts are beautiful. Glad to have found you via Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog :)

  2. The texture of the art journal page is so beautiful, is it stamped?

    1. Yes Lindsay, there are stamps in there as well as gesso and paint and sprays and modpodged words underneath. A little bit of everything until it feels done! Thanks.

  3. don't we all have much to learn...your page is lovely and your quilts are so beautiful!

  4. wow - love your quilts and the faces too. Visiting via Julie's blog.

  5. so much to learn yes, and so little time. Love your faces that you're practicing.To learn to do portraits is one of my goals in learning.Your quilt looks beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting Ariel.

  6. aMAZing work, my friend!!!! Your colors are so vibrant. I love them.

  7. Flourish is what you did! Love the fun colors!