Saturday, September 29, 2012


Happy Saturday everyone!
I wanted to share some of my journal pages from the last few months.
There is a little bit of everything....

 I've got to love a Saturday when there is nothing going on.
Today starts deer bow season here in Ohio,
so my husband is gone.
I don't have to make dinner
or get interrupted.

 And this is my workspace today.

 And No Fear...
I even worked on my customer quilt for awhile!
The background and part of the border is done!
Me and Pandora..... All Day Long!
Happy Saturday Brave Ones!


  1. Your workspace looks so awesome & inviting! I'd love to come sit down & spend an afternoon creating with you!! My men are all hunters too & they are gearing up for Bow season which will start here soon. My youngest son, in particular, is outside everyday shooting his bow....getting ready!

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  3. Congratulations on a day to yourself! Love the "It's Time" spread and the way you have embedded and layered!

  4. Hi Mom! I haven't read your blog in like a month... ugh, I know, life is so busy... and I love catching up with everything you're doing. And I love the happy birthday tribute to Shawn a couple weeks ago! Hope you are having a fun weekend out... these ladies are right, you've got the best craft room ever. I need to come spend some more time in it here shortly! xoxoxo Amy

  5. What fun to see so many of your pages... thanks for sharing! Your workspace looks fantastic.

  6. Beautiful pages!Love the beautiful colors..very expressive art work!