Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wool Quilt

Isn't this Awesome?
Disclaimer: I did Not piece or applique this quilt.
This was made by a gal in my Monday wool class at Sue Spargo's.
My job is to take the top piece of sewn and embellished fabric,
load it onto my longarm quilt machine,
and quilt it. Thats all I do to it.
It turned out so beautifully I asked her if I could share it.
Custom wool quilts are a labor of love.
They take a looooong time, in every aspect of the process.

The Guinea Hens are my favorite.

I actually quilted two custom wools this week.
The first one is on its way to California already...
and this animal quilt's owner is local.
The next two are Imperial Blooms and they will be on my machine together....
I know those two Michigan gals will be very happy!

 Happy Quilting to my Wool Friends!

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