Sunday, November 4, 2012

My (not so) Secret

Thank you for all the compliments on my lettering!
It's true that I do freehand most of my doodled words and dates...
But it is also true that I use a fair amount of stencils.
NOVEMBER ONE was traced with pencil and then all out doodled.
They were from this pink pack of 1 1/2" letters. 
They were cheap-o's from the dollar store or bigger cheap-o stores.
I especially like this Roman letter style.

And here are a 2" blockier letter.
No serifs... but sometimes I add them anyways.
I use these alot.
Again... cheap-o's from the cheap-o store.
These 2" bubble letters I only occasionally use.
I am just not drawn to them the way I am to the Roman style letters above.
But every style has it's place.
 And then there are the home made stencils.....
I rescued these from my sweet new daughter-in-law after the wedding was over.
She had borrowed my Cricut machine to make table numbers
and other reception decorations....
 I found these in the tools and scraps she returned to me.
When I saw them I thought...

Why Not cut your own?
I have not gone into my Cricut Cartridges to make more stencils...
but I see the potential.
And someday..... I will!
I use a huge variety of lettering in my Daily.
I don't follow a method or plan.
I follow my whims and fancies.
Sometimes I start a new spread and don't even have a color in mind.
I look at the supplies in front of me and....
just begin.
Over a few days it evolves.
Thanks for the wonderful compliments 
on the art in my blog.
You are all very sweet.


  1. your B&W Nov is fantastic!!! Lots of great doodling.Happy FF & F!

  2. love these, too, mom... your readers are sweet because you are talented! xoxoxo