Friday, November 2, 2012

My Daily Combo

 I am calling this my Daily Combo
because I haven't been doing the FFF challenge IN my Daily...
until this week.
I sat and looked at the prompts for a few days....
balking at them.... not intending to be as introspective as I ended up.
My Daily has been interestingly diverse the last couple pages.
The 27th through the 30th was kind of watercolory and vague.
I've been a little out of sorts lately.
Maybe it's the barometric pressure that is making my head ache.
Maybe the change of weather.....
the beautiful Indian Summer from last week to
Hurricane Sandy's wind and miserable rain this week.
Granted, I am in Ohio, so did not get the worst of it.
But it is So Dreary....
Then came Halloween.
The 31st took up a two page spread because I was
pondering the Fall, Fearless and Fly second challenge:
Triumphs and Defeats.
Which brought me to finishing my page in the color prompt
of Black and White. 

Then I really had fun doodling November One.
Can you believe it is November already?

 I only have a few more pages in my Daily #4.
I think I will finish them off in B&W.
And Gray. 

 The FFF has been a very thought provoking challenge.
Be Brave.
You know who you are.
You can do it!


  1. Lovely doodling. I'm happy to hear that you're coming out of the doldrums and fascinated that B&W (and grey) helped you do it.

  2. Your November One doodling in B &W is just incredible!! I have loved this challenge!

  3. Your black and white doodles are just amazing. Like Mitzi, I think it's terrific that the black, white & grey helped lift you out of feeling blah. And the fact that Fall Fearless & FLy inspired you is just great. Thanks for joining us.

  4. Beautiful doodles, I really love your lettering style

  5. I love your doodled letters, I want to do this now! D x

  6. I have to say .... I think yours is the best doodling I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Stunning!


  7. I really admire your lettering and all the doodles/tangles you do in them to make the finished product so very complicated and ornate. Just beautiful.

  8. i didn't know grey could look so good. your jack o lantern makes me happy. i hope your head is better.