Friday, December 7, 2012

My Daily in December

Not my December Daily
(which is a whole different creature!)

Gotta Love this! Wink, Wink!

Metallic Pens don't always photograph well. But adds quite a spark in person.

As I was looking through pens, I saw that I had several white glaze pens
that hadn't even been started yet. So I thought I would play with them a bit.
I found an alphabet foam stamp set at the cheap-o store
and they are a great size for my Daily.
So I stamped SEVEN then decorated with the white glaze pen...
Then played with color on top...
Then wiped the color off until the glaze pen marks stood in relief.
They are more translucent than opaque...
or maybe half and half.
It will take more experimentation I think.

 Here is the glaze pen written on the watercolory next page... 
And then here is the same page with colors splashed on. 
Finally! I am adding a face into my Daily! 
The white is the glaze pen line.
I was just trying something different. 

That is today's page, December 7, 2012.
Not done yet!
Still a Work in Progress!
Oh Art... How I Love Thee....
Tomorrow is a special day for me. Any guesses?
No It is not my birthday or my wedding anniversary!
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Love these!! Your colors are gorgeous! Doesn't it make you happy to go back and look at each page?

  2. I like your idea of secret messages. Imagine filling a book with them one year and painting the pages the next... brilliant. Your colours are really rich & vibrant and I really like the detail in your doodles. Lovely.

  3. Just beautiful!!!! and....YES! YES you are!!!! and I of yours!