Saturday, December 8, 2012

My One year Daily Anniversary

It was one year ago
that I read Pages Magazine
and was totally inspired to start a Daily. 
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer wrote the article.
It immediately fascinated me...
and I was hooked.

 I took alot of the elements of last year's first entry
and incorporated them into this year's page.

Top Book= 2011 page
Bottom Book= 2012 page
 I had no idea what I was doing when I started...
I just used the pens and markers I had collected from my scrapbooking days...
and the moleskine watercolour book I had on hand...
and just started!
It was nice going through my old books,
looking for some of my favorite designs.
A friend recently commented
on how fun it must be to read back through the book.
Yes! It is!
I have learned a lot about myself through the process.
For instance...
Color combos NOT to use again... 
As well as what I DO like....
Note to self: Don't do red and purple.

But I do I like teal and purple together.

 This activity suits my ADD perfectly.
I can do it for 5 minutes or 105 minutes...
depending on available time.
But I am definitely More Creative,
since I make the time for this,
then I take the time for other Art too.
And I have learned how important Art is to me in the first place.
It is like mental health therapy.
It frees up my mind because I am able to express myself.
I have also learned what a mess I can make....
which is probably my true character!

I like doing a little bit of everything.
 One of my challenges the last few years
has been trying to find my artistic voice.
I feel like doing a Daily has helped me there...
Because I am being ME.
I have tried lots of things in my Daily.
Now I know.
I have learned not everything I make has to be a Masterpiece.
That has been a big hang up of mine since forever.
I am learning to be happy with my perfectly imperfect self!
 One cool thing I was inspired to learn was carving stamps.
I will continue to do more of that!  

This has helped me to document happy moments ...
as well as the sad ones.
And lets me remember them in a really unique way.

 How do I see my Daily's future?
I am definitely going to continue as I am...for now.
I am just having way too much fun at it.
Art has truly become a daily activity and I don't forsee that changing.
When I sit at my art table I feel home.
In my messy life, I like having my books numbered and in order.
Be Brave.
Give it a try!
There might be a Daily in your future too!


  1. Love it, Mom! You are awesome & so is your art! xoxo

  2. Oh, my word!!! These are gorgeous. Good for you-I bet you have learned so much along the way. It's pretty impressive to be able to say you stuck with it for an entire year.

  3. What a treasure of work you have! I am SO impressed. These pages are something you will cherish for a very long time. Beautiful work Janet!!!