Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Weekend Daily

I worked hard last week getting ready for company.
My side of the family has always celebrated Christmas
 over a whole weekend's timespan.
Usually whatever weekend in December that works for everyone.
It's been great to spread the holiday out a little.

In my art journaling,
I basically use whatever I have on hand.
Granted, the longer I do this, the more supplies I collect.
And then I forget what I have!
But I wanted to use these Christmas stamps from SU
 that I have collected over the years.
Isn't Santa just darling?
I {heart} him!
I love this color combination too!
It's not one I have used before.


It was fun to go to Sue Spargo's this month.
She has been traveling so much that we've missed a few months this year.
She moved into an office space just this weekend.
The place has so much potential
 and I know it will be fabulous the next time we go in February! 

I changed my art room around...
since I needed to clean up anyways for guests last weekend.
My table is closer to the window,
which is great for natural light.
But I find myself staring out the window a little more often.
Oh well!
I look out at a meadow-like grassy area.
And the driveway.
We often see wildlife such as deer or fox or coyotes...
as well as cats and dogs.
I live out in the middle of nowhere after all!
It's what you would expect to see!

My front view looking north.

Looking south to the rest of my work room.
Is everyone ready for Christmas?
I am..... almost!

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  1. Love that little Santa--isn't it fun to use things in Art Journaling that we have forgotten about or don't think to use??! I especially love Day 18 that half mandala shape--beautiful!!! Oh how I wish I was sitting in that craft room with you. I see an empty chair <3