Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Dozen Day to one and all!
Last year I ordered the '25 and Counting' stamp set from Stampin' Up.
This year I am trying to use them in my Daily.
Just for fun...
I am still experimenting with Gelatos.
I tried some stamping with them.
I do like the intense colors...
I just need more time to play.

 And here we are at 12-12-12.
I started it last night and had some fun with my background doodles.

I have done several versions of this leafy-feathery-folky design.
It is very reminiscent of some of my quilted feathers.
And I love quilting feathers!
And just for sentiment I added the hanging Santa
that one of my daughters made back in elementary school.
I hang this every year....isn't it sweet? 
I jumped the gun a little
and posted my dozen day Daily page before I have written on it.
But the day is not over yet!
There's plenty of time to write later.
I took alot of time last night...
(night owl)
and even started with the hot chocolate mug.
Hey, as long as I am AJED
(Art Journaling Every Day)
I can go wherever I want in my book, right?
So my header is done and I even did some borders.
Who knows how it will end up!
Working in my Daily is SO MUCH FUN!

I hop[e everyone is having a fabulous Dozen Day!
This kind of number thing won't happen again
for a Long Long time! 


  1. Love your work! Hope you don't mind that I'm always copying your doodle ideas. ;-)

  2. I just love being able to continue to see your amazing work, Janet. Doing a Daily is on my list for the new year.

  3. So happy to have discovered you through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog! I love your 12-12-12 page, and all the yummy details in all of your work! Looking forward to exploring more!

  4. Santa = LOVE and especially with the memory of your daughter making it!I love all the color you use in your doodles. I need to do this more--you are totally inspiring me :)