Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Journal Every Day

My word for 2013 is Balance.
I have never consciously picked a word....
but in retrospect, words picked me.
Let me explain in order...
In 2010 the word HEAL picked me.
I was on a journey and that's where I needed to begin.
In 2011 it was FORGIVE.
That was an extended bonus of healing...
I needed to sweep the cobwebs out...
 and to forgive was a big part of that.
In 2012 it was CONFIDENCE.
Man did I grow last year! 
Which brings me to now....BALANCE.
I need to balance work and play.
 I decided I am going to make a Book of Words.
Russ and Emily gave me a smaller moleskine book for Christmas
and it is the perfect size for this.
And I am starting with Balance.
See the size difference in the books?
On to Art Journal Every Day......
 Here are my January 9th and 10th pages.



This is what inspired the peace sign in my Daily.....
My friend Vicki is a very talented stitcher.
She has made some awesome crazy quilts.
Five of us got together Wednesday to stitch a project.
These are some of Vicki's samples!
Vicki gave us a lesson on crazy quilt basics.
Flipping and stitching...
embellishing the seams with embroidery...
and sewing the shape onto a background.
Well we didn't get that far, but those are the basics.
We worked on stitches.
Most of our group of ladies grew up with the peace sign.
That is telling out ages!

Peace Out.
And Art on.... 


  1. GO WHERE THE PEACE IS Janet :) Love that you are starting a word book--great idea! So much texture in your daily! Looks like you had a wonderful time together!!!!

  2. Hi Janet! I think you have picked a word with so much significance and meaning this year! What a great idea--makes me want to think of my word for this year! I love your artwork, and of course I was immediately fascinated by the crazy quilting--what fun! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for stopping by! --Sandy Leigh

  3. Such amazing detailed work... WOW! So much to look at.
    Hummm... a great word to consider. I chose "Press". It will be interesting to see what we make of them this year. Thanks for visiting my blog... please visit again!

  4. Wow, I love your art journal page. So much exuberance and detail at the same time-- a treat for the eyes! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the encouraging comments.

    Peace out, ;)

  5. You are on an art ROLL!!! I completely love the page with you driving in your cowboy boots. You are so creative!
    Way to go, my friend~

  6. This is such a fun and gorgeous page. I really like the blue doodles around the edge of the page for the 11th, they're stunning!