Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daily 5 Turns Into Daily 6

 I wanted to make a **wintery** cover for this one.
We are bound to get blasted the next month or so.
I made a snowflake with puffy paint on my teflon craft sheet.
When it was dry I thought I could peel it off
and it would be sturdy enough to move around.
Too flimsy.
It folded over on top of itself.
But I used it anyways. I still like the look of it.
I mod podged it down, added more raised elements,
Just had fun with it.
It turned out very monochromatic.
Though there are splashes of greens and purples in there.

I like it.
It will do for the next couple months.
Daily #5 finished up on 1/19/13.
It was 50 degrees outside Saturday morning!
On January Ohio.
The sky was a deep blue with a light sprinkling of clouds.
The sun was blinding as I ran my errands.
It was a Fabulous day!
I was totally inspired to draw flying birds!

Daily #6 starts today.
I love a fresh start!
And it is so windy and cold out there!
What a contrast from yesterday!
Ya gotta love Ohio!


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  1. I love how the snowflake came out :) Remember every snowflake is individual and beautiful. Birds, houses and vibrant colors = amazing page!